Indiana Responders & the Indiana Process

How the System Works - Methamphetamine Reporting Indiana

  • Local law enforcement agency:
    1. Proactively suppress methamphetamine activity.
    2. Investigate suspicious meth lab activity.
  • Indiana State Police (ISP) Methamphetamine Suppression Unit:
    • The mission of the Methamphetamine Suppression Section is to pro-actively suppress meth production in Indiana by utilizing a three pronged approach; which focuses on enforcement, education, and the creation of partnerships.
    • The Indiana State Police responds to and dismantles meth labs discovered by local law enforcement.
    • The Indiana State Police removes bulk chemicals, reactions, and things that pose an immediate threat to public safety and the environment.
    • The Indiana State Police also aid in the collection of evidence.
    • To be certified to process labs, an officer must attend a 40 hour certification training class, be provided and utilize specific personal protective equipment, be subject to a medical monitoring and respiratory protection program, complete 24 hours of on the job training, and complete 8 hours of refresher training each year to maintain the certification.
    • The Methamphetamine Suppression Unit submits an occurrence report to the local county health department and the local fire department.
    • The Occurrence Report includes information such as
      • Date
      • Address
      • Incident Number
      • Type of Laboratory Seizure
      • Items Found
      • Vehicle Information if found in a vehicle
      • Children under age 18
      • Living conditions of home
      • The agencies that the occurrence report has been sent to
      • Investigating Officer and contact information
  • Local Health Departments:
    • Protects public health by ensuring that contaminated properties remain vacant until they are properly remediated.
    • Local County Health Departments issue an abatement order to the property owner.
    • IC 16-41-20: Chapter 20. Health, Sanitation, and Safety: Dwellings Unfit for Human Habitation
  • Indiana State Health Department (ISDH) Environmental Public Health Division:
    • The staff consults with, and provides technical assistance to local health departments.
    • The Indiana State Department of Health laboratories can process methamphetamine wipe samples for local health officials under certain circumstances.
  • Indiana Department of Environmental Management (IDEM)
  • Qualified Inspectors:
    • Hired by property owners to test and clean contaminated properties in order to be reoccupied or sold.
    • Listed by the Indiana Department of Environmental Management as certified when completing the following:
      1. Accumulation of at least 40 hours of experience.
      2. Training for supervisors from the federal Occupational Safety and Health Administration.
      3. Received training from the Indiana Department of Environmental Management on decontamination and inspection of contaminated properties.
      4. Passed with a score of at least 80% on an examination on the Indiana Department of Environmental Management training.
      5. Take an 8 hour biennial refresher training
      6. Maintain professional liability insurance; errors and omissions insurance; and pollution prevention insurance.
  • Department of Child Services:
    • Protects children endangered by meth-related activities.
    • Indiana Child Abuse and Neglect Hotline 1-800-800-5556