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 Data Sources  Overview  Web Address
 Community Health Information Resource Guide  Detailed guidance on what data sources are available at the local, state and national levels  www.indianactsi.org/site/chep/resourceguide.pdf
 Behavioral Risk Factor Surveillance System  State and national health and risk factor monitoring system ISDH: www.in.gov/isdh/23983.htm
CDC: www.cdc.gov/brfss/
 Indiana Vital Records data  Indiana-specific natality and mortality data Natality: www.in.gov/isdh/19095.htm
Mortality: www.in.gov/isdh/19096.htm
 Indiana State Cancer Registry Data Generator  Indiana cancer incidence and mortality data  www.in.gov/isdh/24360.htm
 Indiana INdicators  Indiana-specific data  http://www.indianaindicators.org/
 ISDH Chronic Disease Burden Reports  Comprehensive data and information about the chronic disease burden at state and local levels  www.in.gov/isdh/25002.htm
 CDC Wonder  Wide-ranging online data for epidemiologic research  http://wonder.cdc.gov/
 WISQARS  CDC’s injury-related database  http://www.cdc.gov/injury/wisqars/index.html
 U.S. Census  Demographic information  http://www.census.gov/
 Health Resources and Services Administration’s (HRSA) Area Resource File  Compare peer counties on population characteristics and health resources  http://ahrf.hrsa.gov/
County Health Rankings & Roadmaps (Robert Wood Johnson and University of Wisconsin)  Robust data snapshot of burden at the local, state and national level with evidence-based recommendations for community health improvement planning  http://www.countyhealthrankings.org/app/indiana/2014/overview
 Community Health Status Indicators  Provides an overview of key health indicators for local communities  http://wwwn.cdc.gov/CommunityHealth/homepage.aspx?j=1