Indiana State Department of Health Vital Records Training Modules

Module 1

Improving the Quality of Birth Certificate Data

This module focuses on: The importance of collecting quality data on the Certificate of Live Birth, how the federal government and ISDH utilize the data, and the availability of resources to assist you in the collection of the data. We hope that in understanding the uses and resources to collect the birth data, the quality and accuracy of Indiana data will improve. After this training, you will know how this translates into funding opportunities.

Module 2

All Birth Data Matters Part A

This module focuses on: Indiana's infant death rate, tenth worst in the nation, and the importance of collecting accurate and complete data on the race of the parents. Instructions are also given for printing copies of the worksheet.

Module 2

All Birth Data Matters Part B

This module focuses on: How errors in the reporting of prenatal care, in addition to errors in other data on the birth record, affects the determination of funding for programs designed to improve birth outcomes. You will learn the definition of PPOR and how it is affected by poor quality data. You will learn how to locate some of the information requested on the birth worksheet.