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I diagnosed "abdominal pain" when the real problem was hunger, I confused social issues with medical problems in other patients' too. I mislabeled the hopelessness of long-term unemployment as depression and the poverty that causes patients to miss pills or appointments as noncompliance. In one older patient, I mistook the inability to read for dementia. My medical training had not prepared me for their ambush of social circumstance. Real-life obstacles had an enormous impact on my patients' lives, but because I had neither the skills nor the resources for treating them, I ignored the social context of disease altogether.

- Laura Gottlieb, MD  

San Francisco Chronicle 8/23/10 


While Indiana boasts a top ranking school of medicine with exceptional technology leading groundbreadking medical services, the health of its citizens ranks 38th among all states. Science tells us that where we live, work, and play determines our health destiny. Indeed, the greatest predictors of health include income and zip code. Without integrating the social context of a community into clinical care, adherence and/or follow-through with provider recommendations and ultimately improved care will be unattainable.

Communities Partnership seeks to support community driven evidence-based strategies to improve health and advance equity through robust community health improvement assessment, planning, and evaluation.