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Indiana Cancer Control Plan

The Indiana Cancer Control Plan 2010-2014 builds on the Indiana Cancer Control Plan 2005-2008 and provides a roadmap for cancer control in Indiana from 2010 – 2014.

The Indiana Cancer Control Plan 2010-2014 consists of six focus areas, with one goal per focus area:

  • Primary Prevention – Decrease cancer risk through lifestyle behavioral interventions
  • Early Detection – Increase early detection and appropriate screening for cancer
  • Treatment – Promote informed decision making and utilization of appropriate cancer treatment
  • Quality of Life – Improve quality of life for cancer patients, survivors, and their families
  • Data – Increase the quantity, quality, and availability of complete and timely cancer and related data
  • Advocacy – Advocate for cancer-related policy initiatives

The goals are supported by SMART – Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Realistic, and Time-phased– and developmental objectives. The objectives are supported by recommended strategies.

To read the entire Indiana Cancer Control Plan 2010-2014, please visit http://indianacancer.org/indiana-cancer-control-plan/.