CHSPAC Meeting Minutes - October 21, 2009

Comprehensive HIV Services Planning and Advisory Council
2 North Meridian Street, 6-C
Indianapolis, Indiana  46204
Telephone:  317-233-7744
Fax:  317-233-7663
CHSPAC Meeting Minutes
Wednesday, 21 October 2009
12:30p.m. – 3:30p.m.


Bryan Amador
Tracy Droll
Joseph Ferguson
Leeah Hopper
Kevin Johnson
Tammy Morris
Noelle Redmond
Dale Richmond
Nathan West
Kris Wise
Thom Bauer
Portia Duff
Vince Guzman
Mike Hughes
Scott King
Yvette Paniagua
Rachel Reich
LarMarques Smith
Kris Wise
Mike Wallace
Katie Bennett
Tammy Dutkowski
Alisha Hooks
Jonathan Houston
Megan Maxwell
Gina Pope-King
Brian Revalee
Tabitha Sprigler
Nathan West
Dale Richmond


Carrie Foote, PhD [proxy is Kellie K.]
Jessica Hillis
Stephany Simmons
Kevin Phelps [proxy is Thom Bauer]
Isaac Spain
Mike Wallace
April Grudi
Kelli Fuller
Sheila Rudolph
Jesus Vesga
Jeff Wolfe


Lasonya Bird
Jim Kramer
Amber Rowe
Cindy Farmer
Bob Louden
Kristen Wilcox
Catherine Knochel [BioScrip]
Annette Rodriguez


Sara Bradley
Neal Carnes
Shawn Carney Lisa Lloyd

Meeting began at 12:35 p.m.  The mission statement was read by Bryan Amador and quorum was established.


August Minutes – Nathan West motioned and Kevin Johnson seconded.  August minutes were approved as written.


We have had 2 new members join the council and they are Jesus Vesga who has become our CPG Representative and Megan Maxwell who has become our HOPWA Representative.  We have received an application from Region 2 for the Care Coordination seat. The matrix has been updated and will be updated every three months.  Lisa asked members to look at the committee list and make sure that they are on the correct committee.  On the Consumer Advisory Bureau we have 3 open seats; 4, 5, and 9.

ISDH Division Report

  • We are about half way finished with the Unmet Needs and the CQM reports.
  • We haven’t received the final guidance from HRSA regarding funding.

Committee Status Updates

Planning Committee – Brian Revalee and Tabitha Sprigler gave a presentation on the changes to the Comprehensive Plan.

Dental AD HOC – Dr. Stuart Schrader has agreed to assist the dental committee to explore the feasibility of Part F dental.  His staff is currently trying to get copies of proposals from other Dental Schools that receive Part F to get a better idea of what is feasible.  Dr. Schrader has been added to the Dental AD HOC Committee and is willing to serve on the CHSPAC Medical AD HOC Committee in the unfilled dental slot.  Part F Dental Grants have ranged from $800 – $250 million.  Neal Carnes has been added to the Dental AD HOC Committee and is also trying to secure proposals from his Part B partners in other states.  As soon as the Resource Guide is updated the Dental AD HOC Committee will conduct further research into the dental resources listed along with those listed on the ISDH Oral Health Division Dental Resource Guide for low-income patients, to better identify programs that are feasible for our clients.  The committee will work to develop dental resource brochures for the care coordination and clinical sites to better inform clients about their dental options.

Medical AD HOC – Neal gave update that EIP will cover seasonal flu shots but will not cover the H1N1 vaccination.  CHANTIX is covered under ADAP & ICHIA once in a lifetime.

2010 Chair and Vice Chair Elections

Chair and Vice Chair nominations were submitted via e-mail. Only two members were nominated:  Bryan Amador and Jeff Wolfe.  CHSPAC members casted their vote via private ballots at the meeting.

  • Bryan had 30 yes votes with 4 abstentions.
  • Jeff had 27 yes votes with 9 abstentions.

Bryan Amador will be the Chair of CHSPAC and Jeff Wolfe will be Vice Chair for CHSPAC for year 2010.

2010 Advisory Council Procedures Manual Vote

CAB & CHSPAC has integrated their manuals into one.  Vince Guzman motioned to accept the changes and Thom seconded.  New changes were adopted effective October 21, 2009.

Old Business

Comprehensive Plan Update - The EPI data has been updated.  We added a new category for Emergency Financial Services.  The Services gaps and barriers have been updated.  Prevention needs a section due to they are launching a new project in Fort Wayne called the Partnership for Health where distinct prevention practices are integrated.  The current System of Care has been updated and so has the Optimal System of care.

New Business

Resource Guide -   The deadline for any changes or updated to the Resource Guide is November 10, 2009.  If there are no changes, we will go with the current version.

Public Comments/Announcements

There will be a quilt display on October 25, 2009 at Crown Hill Cemetery and there will be one in Bloomington in 2010.  World AIDS Day is December 1, 2009.

Review of Next Meeting’s Agenda

At the next full council meeting December 16, 2009 we will be recognizing members that will be going off of the board.  The Updated Comprehensive Plan, CAB report, Resource Guide, CQM report, and the unmet needs report should be on the next agenda. There will be brainstorming regarding unmet needs.

Meeting adjourned at 2:50 p.m.