CPG Meeting Minutes September 15, 2009

September 15, 2009
10:00 to 4:00 p.m.
Rice Auditorium


Present CPG Members:

  • Goode, Angela 
  • Hughes, Mark 
  • Morton, Ramon (Community Co-Chair) 
  • Perez, Andrea (State Co-Chair) 
  • Stanley, Debra
  • Greene, Latorya 
  • Lausch, Judy 
  • Nash, Rico 
  • Prado-Reyna, Laura 
  • Urias Hail, Anna
  • Grudi, April 
  • Lozano, Dolly 
  • Pasco, Larry 
  • Rush, Nathan 
  • Woods, Wendy

Absent CPG Members:

  • Brinegar, Emily
  • Gillespie, Tony (Debra Stanley as Proxy)
  • Vesga, Jesus (Ann Hail as Proxy)

Present ISDH Staff:

  • Arnold, Vivian
  • Harris, Larry
  • Johnson, Elloise

Present Technical Advisors:

  • Exom, Michael 
  • Ohmit, Anita
  • Feldheiser, Rochelle 
  • Wilder – Hamilton, Elonda
  • Morgan, James


  • Meyerson, Beth, Policy Resource Group
  • Hallosen, John, House of Representatives
  • Bryant, De, IU South Bend
  • Brown, Wanakee, IU South Bend
  • Moore, Ken, MCAP


  • Meeting was called to order.
  • Absences and Announcements made.
  • All Attendees introduced themselves, region, and populations they represent.
  • Ground Rules read by Ramon Morton.

Debra Stanley is proxy for Tony Gillespie.
Anna Urias-Hail is proxy for Jesus Vesga.
No other proxies determined.
  • July 21, 2009 CPG minutes reviewed and accepted with the following additions/corrections:
- reference to the request for TA to research procedure for documenting meeting minutes.
- Page 3; CT infection is most common reportable STD.
- syphilis is misspelled
- Remove last line from Question #1 on page 3
  • July 2009 Self-Assessment reviewed.
- Recommended that the term “reviewed” be removed from the Agenda as the documents are sent prior the CPG meeting for review in advance with any comments and/or corrections to be sent to the division in time for the corrections to be made.  The agenda should only reflect the acceptance of the corrections previously made.
- All corrections should be sent Cena Bain, CPG Liaison
- Discussion ensued regarding recommendation.

* New Recommendation made, that request sent to policies and procedures committee to create a policy that details the process of the CPG minutes regarding review time, corrections, etc.

*Recommendation made that the correct term of consensus and Robert’s Rules of Order brought to full CPG for clarification.

  • CPG and Executive Committee attendance reviewed.

Executive Committee Minutes were reviewed.

Please note that the minutes from the September Executive Committee minutes are missing.

  • Policies and Procedures has a new Chair, Judy Lausch
  • Division has been restructured again, see division updates
  • All focus groups for the MSM project with Dr. Bailey have been completed in all 5 regions
  • Reported that the IU School of Business is willing to assist in the completion of meeting minutes; however, the school does need a written request from the CPG body.

Division Update – Given by Andrea Perez

  • Larry Harris has resigned as State Co-Chair, Andrea Perez will be replacing Larry.
  • Sarah Renner is no longer HIV division director, Larry Harris is Interim division director until permanent replacement is chosen.
  • Despite notes in Executive Committee Conference Call, the Prevention Program structure has changed.  
  • Andrea Perez is Prevention Manager supervising, Cena Bain, Cathy Archey-Morgan, Erika Chapman, Amanda Writt and Susan Newton.
  • Cheryl Pearcy is now in the STD program focusing on DIS and integrating STD and HIV prevention efforts, supervising John Hon and Susan Arnold.
  • Cena is scheduled to return next Monday, September 21, 2009.
  • No updates from STDs or Services
  • Communities of Color position is open, deadline for application submission is today, will try to fill as soon as possible.
  • Division Director position has closed.
  • RFP Update: Time frame for letters of intent has closed; TA meeting/conference call was held last week.
  • Timeline for RFP:
- 9/28/09 – deadline for application submission
- 9/29/09 – 9/30/09 – applications reviewed by internal staff to ensure completeness.
- 10/1/09 – applications assigned a reviewer:
          o Reviewers will consist of ISDH staff (not division staff) along with external reviewers.
- 10/9/09 – deadline for application review
- 10/12/09 – 10/16/09 – Division review and final decisions
- 10/19/09 – letters of notifications sent to all applicants.
  • Question arose about the knowledge of the reviewers in regards to HIV/AIDS.
- To make the process as fair as possible; division staff was not used for initial review due to relations with a majority of applicants and did not want that to influence the scores.
- Plan is to find and use individuals within ISDH and external entities that have experience in public health with some knowledge of HIV.
- Review sheets have been created for the reviewers for scoring.
- Date of contract begins 1/1/2010 consisting of a 12-month contract-renewable over 3 years
  • Member asks that Dr. Monroe attend a CPG meeting to help answer questions that some members may have for her.
  • Question arose about the letters of concurrence, concurrence with reservations, and  non-concurrence and how the state would rectify any concerns that the CPG may have.
    - We plan on writing more specific contracts this year so we have a better idea of what the contractors are going to provide for us and so the contractors know exactly what is expected from them.  Contractors will be required to give monthly, quarterly and annual reports.  Site visits will consist of file reviews, monitoring of the interventions, and will receive feedback for ISDH.

Discussion from visitor regarding the continued transition of division directors within HIV.  They will be meeting with Dr. Howell to discuss the continued transitions and high turnover rate.  Visitor asks the CPG to provide input on what they as CPG want communicated to Dr. Howell regarding this concern.  Will also be asking for some search process for a division director that allows community input; see Public Comment

Executive Committee

- No report given


  • ISDH’s grant to CDC that funds CPG- due to CDC on October 5th.
  • The grant application is to be reviewed by the CPG prior to the submission to CDC.
  • The letter of concurrence, concurrence with reservations, or of non-concurrence is a required document that must    accompany the CDC grant application.
  • Electronic form will be forwarded to full CPG for review no later than 12:00 p.m. 9/28/09
         o The CDC Cooperative Agreement is for the CPG voting members to review; however, if a specific member as a question that a TA can assist, that member may contact that TA for assistance and clarification.
  • All comments to Miss Stanley by 1:00 p.m. 9/30/09.
  • CPG conference call to discuss the letter on 10/1/09 at 10:30 EST.
  • Letter recommended to be sent to ISDH by the close of business on 10/1/09.


  • Recommended that document be forwarded to Policies and Procedures committee to develop a policy regarding Meeting Minutes.


RESOURCE INVENTORY AND GAP ANALYSIS PRESENTATION –Given by De Bryant and Wanakee Brown, Indiana University – South Bend


Needs Assessment – Debra Stanley

  • Angela Goode has accepted the chair nomination for Needs Assessment committee and Debra Stanley will be providing TA to her.

Membership Committee – Debra Stanley

  • Nothing new to report

Epi/Populations Committee – Given by Mark Hughes

  • Nothing new to report

Interventions Committee – Ramon Morton

  • Nate Rush has accepted the chair nomination
  • The revised populations and interventions have been uploaded onto the State’s website


  • Beth Meyerson, Policy Resource Group
         o Again asks CPG members to provide input as to what they view as a good leader and what they would like to see as qualities in the new division director so that those recommendations could be forwarded to Dr. Howell.
Some concerns surrounded the distribution of funds, no concise set goals regarding HIV from ISDH, leaving each new division director the opportunity to set their own agenda (there should be involvement from the top down starting with the Health Commissioner), stronger communication, lack of continuity for each new director (meaning no set policy or procedure surrounding their position), division director to have prior background in HIV/STD, stronger commitment to the community, prevention and services need some sort of integration between the two so no one is lost in the gap.


  • None


  • Latorya Greene, AIDS Assist will be celebrating it’s 20th year as an organization in October, many events will take place surrounding the celebration including on  October 8 – Women and AIDS conference
  • Elonda Wilder-Hamilton, on 8/23 house was ran into by an SUV – individual responsible has been found.
  • Ramon Morton, Ramona Gilmore called and has asked to remain a member of CPG but has asked to take the rest of the year off.
  • April Grudi, MATEC is sponsoring Continuity in Care focusing on HIV and incarcerated populations on 9/25 at IU hospital.  You can register at http://www.matec.info/
  • MATEC is working with TA Beth Yoder in organizing a similar seminar for up North in Elkhart, IN.
  • Andrea Perez, prior division employee Cindy Clark is very ill and in the hospital.
  • Wendy Woods, my daughter just called, she is now a Lieutenant in Fort Wayne.

Adjourn at 3:10 p.m.

NEXT MEETING ON November 16, 2009 AT 1:00 P.M.
and November 17,  2009 AT 10:00 A.M.