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Office of Public Health Performance Management

The Office of Public Health Performance Management (OPHPM) is responsible for leading                                                    the agency’s efforts in:                

          > Accreditation Readiness                                                             

          > Continuous Quality Improvement

          > Performance Management

          > Professional Development

          > Strategic Thinking and Planning

          > Workforce Development


Meet our Team!

Eden Bezy, BS; MPH

       Director of the Office of Public Health Performance Management

Eden Bezy is the director of the Office of Public Health Performance Management at the Indiana State Department of Health. In this role, she leads the agency’s efforts in improving the way in which public health services are delivered. Her team is responsible for leadership development, quality improvement efforts, measuring the performance of key indicators, strategic planning, and voluntary public health accreditation.


Eric Beers, BA; MS in Positive Organizational Development and Change Candidate

       Workforce Development Coordinator



Nicole Morley, BS; JD/MS in Law Candidate

       Quality Improvement – Performance Management Coordinator

Nicole Morley is a member of the Office of Public Health Performance Management at the Indiana State Department of Health. She serves as the Quality Improvement – Performance Management Coordinator. She is tasked with improving the way we provide public health services through the integration of continuous process improvement, providing quality improvement trainings, and measuring the performance of agency metrics outlined within the Strategic Plan, State Health Assessment, and State Health Improvement Plan.


Patricia Truelove, BS

       Accreditation Coordinator



OPHPM 2019 Strategic Goals

1. Use a performance management system to monitor achievement of organizational objectives

2. Develop and implement QI processes integrated into organizational practice, programs, processes, and interventions

3. Build upon the workforce development infrastructure

4. Aligning the agency toward a shared vision

5. Communicate OPHPM's role and responsibilities

6. Ensure achievement of evidence base practices (Accreditation and assessment)


ISDH 2019 Strategic Priorities


Mission Statement: To promote, protect, and improve the health and safety of all Hoosiers.

Vision Statement: is a healthier and safer Indiana.

ISDH holds several core values consistent with its mission and vision:

  • Integrity
    • We are honest, trustworthy, and transparent. We will do the right things to achieve the best public health outcomes.
  •  Innovation 
    • We encourage innovation to continuously enhance our programs and services, engage our workforce, advance our mission, and keep pace with community needs, and to communicate and utilize scientific data and evidence-based practices to achieve optimal health.
  • Collaboration
    • We will achieve optimal health for all Hoosiers when we work side by side with partners, communities, and individuals.
  • Excellence
    • We will work every day to provide the best public health services to the citizens of Indiana through continuous quality improvement.
  • Dedication
    • We are committed to solving public health issues by focusing on what we can do, not what we can’t.