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Indiana State Department of Health

HIV/AIDS in Indiana > Advisory Groups > Community Planning Group (CPG) > CPG Meeting Minutes > CPG Meeting Minutes - May 19, 2009 CPG Meeting Minutes - May 19, 2009

May 19, 2009
10:00 to 4:00 p.m.
Rice Auditorium


Present CPG Members:

  • Brinegar, Emily 
  • Harris, Larry (State Co-Chair) 
  • Nash, Rico 
  • Urias Hail, Anna
  • Gillespie, Tony 
  • Hughes, Mark 
  • Pasco, Larry 
  • Vesga, Jesus
  • Gilmore, Ramona 
  • Lausch, Judy 
  • Prado-Reyna, Laura 
  • Woods, Wendy
  • Greene, Latorya 
  • Lozano, Dolly 
  • Rush, Nathan
  • Grudi, April 
  • Morton, Ramon (Community Co-Chair) 
  • Stanley, Debra

Absent CPG Members:

  • Goode, Angela
  • Grieb, Jody (April Grudi as Proxy)

Present ISDH Staff:

  • Arnold, Vivian 
  • Johnson, Elloise
  • Bain, Cena 
  • Renner, Sarah, Division Director
  • Hillman, Dan

Present Technical Advisors:

  • Exom, Michael 
  • Morgan, James 
  • Wilder-Hamilton, Elonda
  • French, Paula 
  • Ohmit, Anita 
  • Yoder, Beth


  • Jimison, Lara
  • Moore, Kem
  • Thompson, Joshua


  • Meeting was called to order at 10:05 by Ramon Morton, Community Co-Chair.
  • All Attendees introduced themselves, region, and populations they represent.
  • Ground Rules read by Ramon Morton.
  • Mssion Statement Read by Larry Harris, State Co-Chair.
Note:  April Grudi is Proxy for Jody Grieb.
          No other proxies determined.

10:10:  April 21, 2009 CPG minutes reviewed and the following corrections were noted:

  • Note that April’s meeting was not a regularly scheduled meeting.
  • Consensus to accept the minutes with the corrections noted.

    10:20:  April 21, 2009 Self-Assessment reviewed with no comments made.
    Executive Committee Minutes were reviewed the following comments were

  • Stresses that Executive Committee Minutes need to be bulleted actions, not verbatim reports.  Suggested to put request in the policies and procedures manual, so there is a clear understanding of how the committee wants the minutes to be documented.
  • 10:15 Committee Reports

    Division Update – Given by Larry Harris

  • Ted Forbes is no longer the project officer for ISDH/CPG.  At present no one is filling his place.
  • CHSPAC is doing a needs assessment and so far 700 surveys have been obtained.
  • Today is Viral Hepatitis Day.  On 6/12 Hepatitis training will be provided at ISDH and on 7/19 Hepatitis training will be held at the Vigo County Health Department, contact Erika Chapman at 233-7743 for questions.
  • MMP was refunded for another 5 years.STD district 1 has an emergence of syphilis cases from 1/1/09 to 5/12/09.
              - Dawne Rekas shared a powerpoint with a member, that presentation will be forwarded to the entire CPG body.
  • Questions for Division:

    1.  Process of RFP?

  • Close to being completed, still waiting in CDC to indicate a cost extension or a new cycle.  The RFP will go out to everyone regardless.
  • Noted that the cost extension speaks to funding from CDC to State, not State to sites.
  • 2.  It is a 1 year cycle or a normal cycle?

  • Should take the normal 3 year cycle.
  • Executive Committee

  • No report given
  • Membership/Evaluations Committee

  • Any suggestions or changes to the self-assessment form should be forwarded to the membership committee.
  • A new evaluation is being looked at for assessing CPG as a whole.
  • Needs Assessment Committee

  • Requests a meeting with both Sarah Renner and Dan Hillman for clarification.
  • Epi Committee

  • Did not meet.
  • Budget Ad Hoc Committee

  • Met on 5/14/09 to discuss potential left over funds.  Ideas were mentioned for an end of  the year retreat that would encompass a training aspect.  It was asked to all members to submit any training needs to the Budget committee.
  • Larry Pasco’s request for funding regarding an Outreach Conference is granted, and Larry will be provided with $300 for food and other various expenses.
  • Advocacy Ad Hoc Committee

  • Tony Gillespie was the only Indiana delegate at the AIDS Watch 2009 located in Washington, D.C.
  • Suggested to reform the advocacy committee and any interested persons should contact Tony Gillespie.
  • Policy and Procedures Ad Hoc Committee

  • Nothing new to report.
  • STD Ad Hoc Committee

  • Needs to meet.
  • 10:55 – 11:30 Break

    11:30 – Interventions Presentation- presented by Emily Brinegar

    • Body recommends to also use interventions that are supported by effectiveness, Ryan Nix’s Outreach program is used as a reference.
    • Body recommends to go outside of the interventions recommended by CDC
    • Member inquires about the State’s ability to fund Harm reduction interventions.
               - State is able to fund Harm reduction interventions, but not needle exchange.
    • Not all of the recommended interventions are that of DEBI’s.
    • Questions rise on who will be evaluating these “non-evidence” based interventions and how will effectiveness be measured?
    • CPG does not want to be bound by CDC and ignore what people around the State of  Indiana are doing.
    • It is the members of the CPG responsibilities to present an intervention that you feel strong about.
    • It is the State’s job to evaluate the intervention.

    Further discussions regarding the RFP

    • Scoring will be public and be viewed.
    • Following the release of the RFP and after the letters of intent have been submitted, the State will offer Technical Assistance on writing their RFP.


    Interventions Committee Follow-up report

    • Dan Hillman will pull together community developed Interventions.
    • The committee will reformat its recommendations and resubmit to the full body.

    Advocacy Committee Follow Up Report

    • Asks Cena to forward the membership list to the committee and include address and zip code so that the committee can determine which district each member resides in order to meet their district representative.

    Old/New Business

    • Inquiries made regarding Marion County loosing ½ of their funds for street outreach
      for the community in Marion County, questions as to whether the State of Indiana will be
      picking up the difference to assist in those needs.
                - This will be looked into an answer will be provided at a later date.
    • Information will be forwarded to Cena to disseminate to full body regarding the HIV Prevention Alliance, as Larry Pasco is the representative for Indianapolis.
    • Some members ask if Willow and SIHLE intervention training could be brought to Indiana.
                - Request will be forwarded to Cathy.

    Public Comment

    • MSM research team will be working on a Needs Assessment.
                - Sarah, Larry, Cena, and Dr. Bailey will be meeting on Thursday.

    Announcements & Celebrations

    • Bethlehem House will be having a fundraiser assisted by Shawn Corne, World Class Advocate.  It will be a workshop at City Oga.  For further information go to  Cityoga is located on 130 east 30th Street.
    • Free Yoga is offered every Wednesday at 7 p.m. at 936 Indiana Avenue.
    • Larry Pasco will be celebrating is 5th year wedding anniversary.
    • Larry is also being honored by the Mayor of Austin for outstanding Outreach work.
    • Miss Elloise Johnson celebrated her birthday yesterday, May 18.

    Adjourn at 2:10 p.m.

    NEXT MEETING ON July 21st , 2009 AT 10:00 A.M.