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Overview of ISDH Pressure Ulcer Education Modules

The Indiana State Department of Health (ISDH) is pleased to present the ISDH Pressure Ulcer Education Modules.  The education modules were created as part of the Indiana Pressure Ulcer Quality Improvement Initiative. 

The intent of the Indiana Pressure Ulcer Quality Improvement Initiative was to significantly reduce the number of pressure ulcers throughout health care settings in Indiana.  A key component was providing education to caregivers on the six essential elements of pressure ulcer prevention.  The modules were developed based on input from a number of health care professionals and wound care experts and designed to provide information about pressure ulcers and the six essential elements of pressure ulcer prevention.  These education courses support Indiana’s commitment to “know the facts” and “take action” to prevent pressure ulcers.


The ISDH Pressure Ulcer Education Modules are primarily directed at aides (certified nurse aides and home health aides) and other caregivers.  The modules but may be useful for other staff, patients, residents, or families that are unfamiliar with pressure ulcers and would like to learn about them.

Using the Education Modules

The education modules will be housed on the ISDH Web site as part of the Indiana Health Care Quality Resource Center.  The modules are available under the ISDH Pressure Ulcer Resource Center.  The modules have many interactive components to include a short test at the end of each module.  Once a module is selected to review, the module will guide the viewer through the information.  Each module takes between 15 and 30 minutes to complete and provides basic information about the prevention of pressure ulcers. 

The modules are intended to be used by health care facilities as a part of staff orientations or continuing education activities.  Education programs may find the modules beneficial for their students in introducing the topic of pressure ulcers.   

The ISDH Pressure Ulcer Education Modules

The ISDH Preventing Pressure Ulcer Educational Modules are based on six essentials of pressure ulcer prevention.  The following are the six courses:

  • Course 1:  Preventing Pressure Ulcers: The Pressure Ulcer Story
  • Course 2:  Preventing Pressure Ulcers: Assessment Process
  • Course 3:  Preventing Pressure Ulcers: Observation and Communication
  • Course 4:  Preventing Pressure Ulcers: Pressure, Shear, and Friction
  • Course 5:  Preventing Pressure Ulcers: Moisture, Hydration, and Nutrition
  • Course 6:  Preventing Pressure Ulcers: Care Coordination


In early 2007, the ISDH began organizing a pressure ulcer initiative.  One of the chief objectives was to provide education opportunities.  The initiative was kicked-off with a Leadership Conference in October 2007 on preventing pressure ulcers attended by nearly 1,100 participants.  The ISDH then assembled in June 2008 a collaborative team consisting of health care providers, pressure ulcer experts, and consumers to develop and implement an evidence-based collaborative initiative to assist health care facilities and agencies in improving their pressure ulcer prevention systems.  Pressure ulcer education modules were identified as an initiative objective. 

The purpose of the education modules was to ensure the availability of education on pressure ulcers to all Indiana health facility staff.  The Indiana Pressure Ulcer Quality Improvement Initiative is one of largest of its kind undertaken by a state health agency.  Similar initiatives by other states had not developed education resources of this nature.  The ISDH therefore decided to create education modules.  Development of the modules began in July 2008 and was completed in June 2009.  The ISDH Pressure Ulcer Education Modules were published on July 2, 2009.  The modules were funded through the ISDH health care facility civil money penalty fund. 

The development of the ISDH Pressure Ulcer Education Modules was coordinated by Nancy Harkness of Bottom-Line Performance and Jennifer Bachman, M.Ed., Senior Projects Director of the University of Indianapolis Center for Aging & Community.  The primary development team included:

  • Nancy Adams, RN, ISDH Director of Health Care Quality and Services
  • Gayle Beebe, Bottom-Line Performance
  • Rick Field, PhD, Cabello Associates
  • Sue Hornstein, MSW, ISDH Director of Long Term Care
  • Terry Whitson, ISDH Assistant Commissioner

Contributors to the education modules include:

  • Dr. Jodie Harper, MD, Wound Professionals, LLC
  • Kathy Hybarger, RN, Health Care Excel
  • Jeri Lundgren, RN, Pathways Health Services
  • Connie Steigmeyer, Health Care Excel


Updated:  July 1, 2009