CPG Meeting Minutes April 21, 2009



April 21, 2009
10:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.
8 T1 and T2 (Training Room)

**Please note that this meeting was not a normally scheduled meeting. 
The decision to hold this meeting was required during the March 17th meeting.


Present CPG Members:

Brinegar, Emily 
Lausch, Judy 
Pasco, Larry 
Vesga, Jesus
Gillespie, Tony 
Lozano, Dolly 
Prado-Reyna, Laura 
Woods, Wendy
Greene, Latorya 
Morton, Ramon 
Rush, Nathan
Harris, Larry (State Co-Chair) 
Nash, Rico 
Stanley, Debra
Hughes, Mark 
Nix, Ryan 
Urias Hail, Anna

Absent CPG Members:

Gilmore, Ramona (Tony Gillespie as Proxy) 
Goode, Angela
Grieb, Jody 
Grudi, April

Present ISDH Staff:

Arnold, Vivian 
Johnson, Elloise
Bain, Cena 
Lloyd, Telisa
Hillman, Dan 
Perez, Andrea

Present Technical Advisors:

Feldheiser, Rochelle 
Morgan, James 
Wilder-Hamilton, Elonda
French, Paula 
Ohmit, Anita 
Yoder, Beth
Quintero, Liliana


Dickerson, Kayla 
Jaeger, Gwen
Gamble, Paula 
Yates, Roxanne
Hewitt, Beth


  • Meeting was called to order at 10:05 by Ramon Morton, Community Co-Chair and Cena Bain, CPG Liaison.
  • All Attendees introduced themselves, region, and populations they represent.Ground Rules read by Ramon Morton.
Note:  Tony Gillespie is Proxy for Ramona Gilmore. 
           No other proxies determined.

10:15 a.m.: 

March 17, 2009 CPG minutes were reviewed and the following corrections were noted:

  • Lisa Lloyd was present.
  • Minutes need to reference the body’s request to have Dr. Wilbur’s presentation to be available on the web.
  • Minutes need to reflect that a reference was made to a Research project completed by Dr. Reece regarding MSM.
  • Minutes need to reflect Liliana’s requests that were made during the 3/17 meeting.
  • Minutes need to reflect Latorya addressing the body regarding a National Women’s and Girls Luncheon.

Consensus to accept the minutes with the corrections noted was made at 10:20.

10:20 a.m.: 

March 17, 2009 Self-Assessment was reviewed with the following comments made:

  • Miss Stanley asks for the one who commented on by-law policy regarding the orientation process to clarify.
  • Anna reported that it was mentioned to her that a 2-day meeting was too extreme.
  • Committee reports that it was necessary and a letter was sent out prior to the meeting; therefore, no one was not aware of the 2-day requirement prior to there attendance.

- No changes will be made to the Orientation Process at this time.

  • CPG body asks the State again to provide written division reports.
  • Larry Harris reports that he would present it again to Sarah, Division Director.

  • Dolly refers to #35, and reports that the Elkhart CAG paid for training of 15 Latinos for the Hispanic/Minority Health Coalition of Elkhart County to do counseling and testing and we also paid for them to be certified by the Red Cross for HIV 101.  The trainings were designed so that the 15 volunteers (who are Latino) to assist with counseling and testing but we only got two additional testers to help test the Hispanic population.
  • Anna reports that she is working on a program for HIV training and hopes that it will be in place by the end of August or the first of September, date will be forwarded to Cena when it become available.
  • Miss Stanley refers to #33, regarding a break in the afternoon.
  • Body reports that everyone is free to take breaks at their own leisure and if the body feels as if a break is needed, ask the co-chair for a short recess.

Consensus to accept the Self-Assessment was made at 10:30.

Consensus to accept the CPG Attendance was made at 10:35.

Executive Committee Attendance Reviewed at 10:35.

Executive Committee Minutes were reviewed at 10:35 the following comments were

  • Miss Stanley reports that Executive Committee Minutes are not public documents and should not be verbatim.
  • Notes that the minutes should be bullet points and nothing else as administrative issues are handled.
  • CPG minutes are for the public to review and the Executive Committee minutes are made available only to the CPG body.
  • Larry Pasco reports that he believes that if anything is funded by the federal government must be an open process.
  • Comments made that they are made available but do not need to be verbatim.
- Future minutes will be bulleted/highlighted only.

10:40 Committee Reports

Executive Committee

Ramon Morton: 

Diverts to both Tony Gillespie and Debra Stanley regarding issues with the MSM project.

Tony Gillespie: 

Reports that the concerns he had were answered by Cena.
  • Questions regarding the Memorandum of Understanding.
  • Cena reports that one has been developed and passed on to Dr. Bailey.
  • Division Update – Given by Larry Harris

    • Services is expecting approximately $13 million in grant money, of which 93% will be used to directly provide access to medical care and medications for low-income, HIV + Hoosiers.
    • Reminder that May 19th is World Hepatitis Day, contact Erika Chapman if you are planning event.
    • The Indiana Viral Hepatitis Strategic Planning Implementation Committee continues to meet on a bi-monthly basis to put the strategic plan in place.
    • The SPSP and AVHPP programs are conducting a pilot harm reduction materials distribution program.
    • The Medical Monitoring Project (MMP) interviewed 240 out of the 400 randomly selected patients.  This makes Indiana the 2nd highest among a total of 26 project sites in interviews.
    • In regards to Never In Care (NIC), Indiana is the leader among 5 nationally representative project sites in percentage of interviews completed.
    • Barb Burcham is no longer with ISDH.
    • Andrea Perez is the Interim Prevention Program Manager until a permanent individual is selected.
    • RFP process is still be processed, at present ISDH is waiting on a response from CDC regarding whether or not there will be a new grant application for Prevention or just another cost-extension.  ISDH still anticipates a May distribution date.
    • Quality Assurance site visits will be taking place over the next month, Susan Newton and Amanda Writt will be completing them with Susan Arnold acting as a back-up.
    • June 27th is National Get Tested Day, for anyone interested in inquiring about funding, please contact Andrea Perez.Questions raised in regards to the Needs Assessment being distributed and published on the CPG website.
    Larry Harris reports that Sarah Renner is not comfortable placing it on the web; reports that it is outdated and costs money to place on the web.
    • Tony Gillespie clarifies that there was a 2002 needs assessment, a 2007 needs assessment and a needs assessment conducted by a Dr. Denise Travis from Human Beginnings and reports that this needs assessment was never published or made available to anyone.
    Members request that the 2002 and 2007 Needs Assessment be made available to them electronically.


    Meeting was scheduled to reconvene at 1:00 p.m.; however, the Epi Committee had a meeting in the hallway prior to, causing the meeting to reconvene at 1:30 p.m..

    *Please note that the Transcription Machine failed and nothing after lunch was recorded.


    Given by Tony Gillespie

    Target populations are mandated by the CDC.

    Tony Gillespie reports that: 

    1.  These populations do not mean that other populations can not be served, and
    2.  Populations are determined by the Epi data and disease prevalence.
    Reports that Hispanic will be removed from population 3 (African-American Women).
    Reports that White will be removed from population 2 (MSM).
    Reports that they would like to complete a Needs Assessment on Emerging Populations; at present there is no data to support Hispanic women as a target population.


    1.  Votes were tallied and tied 8 at no to accept the populations and 8 to accept them.
    2.  Open discussion took place with everyone given the opportunity to state their thoughts. 

    • Ryan Nix reports that Whites should be included in population 2 (MSM) as they are the highest numbers.
    • Larry Pasco reports that not just IDUs should be a population, but to also include drug users as they are different.
    • Rico Nash requests that more options be available on Luther, especially in regards to obtaining numbers.  Andrea reports that the parameters are given by CDC.
    • Questions were raised as to whether or not it should go back to the committees as the numbers will remain the same.
    • Consensus was made to send back to full body for voting purposes.
    • Votes were taken and the following results were tallied:
    Yes-to accept the populations:  10
    No-to not accept the populations: 3
    Abstained from the voting:  2
    (1 voting member left prior to voting)
    Target Populations:
    1.  People living with HIV/AIDS
    2.  MSM(African-American/Hispanic)
    3.  Heterosexual Women (African-American Women)
    4.  Youth (Aged 13-24)
    5.  Intravenous Drug Users

    Old/New Business

    Debra Stanley: 

    In response to some of the comments made on the self assessments with individuals ready for work, for those individuals who are ready for work, please contact me.

    • Miss Stanley requests data from organizations and the community regarding assessing the needs of the community. 
    • Forward all information to Miss Stanley at debra@imaniunidadinc.org
    • Please include Needs Assessment in the subject line.

    Cena Bain: 

    In reference to the request for town hall meetings at year end of 2008, I would like to complete at least 3 town hall meetings before year end of 2009.  Please contact me if you are interested and we can work together to make it happen.
    • Ramon/Tony/Rico would like to do one. 
    • Nate Rush would like to do one. 
    • Emily Brinegar would like to do one. 
    • Elonda Wilder-Hamilton and others would like to do one.

    Debra Stanley: 

    Requests an update on the results of the African-American Women’s Forum.

    Public Comment

    No Comments Made.

    Announcements & Celebrations

    Latorya Greene: 

    Addresses the body regarding AIDS Ministries/AIDS Assist Annual AIDS Walk Sunday, May 3, 2009 at the Truman's Entertainment Complex at 100 Center Mishawaka, IN 46544.  Registration: 12 p.m.; Step Off:  2 p.m.

    Liliana Quintero: 

    Addresses the body stating that the Hispanic Coalition was selected #1 in the State of Indiana.

    Tony Gillespie: 

    Addresses the body regarding the Annual Cultural Conference being held on June 8th; more details will be forwarded to Cena as the date approaches.
    Sister Speak Luncheon was a success, it was held on 3/20 at the Gary Community Health Center in Gary, IN with over 100 people in attendance.
    On 4/12 MATEC hosted an HIV Symposium Update, audience consisted of physicians, dentist, Pharmacists, and social workers with a total of 130 participants.

    Paula French: 

    3/18 Rally March was a success with approximately 100 people in attendance (a representative from each region), a ribbon was carried and many were able to speak with their districts representative.

    Larry Pasco: 

    Addresses the body stating that he is trying to get Rev. Charles King to Indianapolis from New York City in the fall.  He is in charge of the Champaign to end AIDS.  He is also trying to get Rev. Sanders from Tennessee.

    Adjourn at 3:40 p.m.

    NEXT MEETING ON May 19th, 2009 AT 10:00 A.M.