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The Indiana State Department of Health (ISDH) Consumer Services and Health Care Regulation Commission publishes two newsletters - the Infection Prevention Newsletter and the Long Term Care Newsletter.

The Infection Prevention Newsletter is a collaboration between the ISDH's Epidemiology Resource Center and Consumer Services and Health Care Regulation Commission.  The newsletter focuses on healthcare associated infections and provides information on infection control and prevention.

The purpose of the Long Term Care Newsletter is to provide program updates related to licensing and healthcare quality information related to long term care facilities.  The following are items that are regularly included in the newsletters:

  • Emergency information
  • Epidemiologic outbreaks and updates 
  • Program updates
  • CMS survey and certification updates 
  • Healthcare quality improvement projects
  • Coming events

Both newsletters are electronic newsletters delivered via email and are available to anyone.  The newsletters are free.  

Long term care newsletter description.  


How to subscribe to an ISDH Newsletter:  The system utilizes an automated email system.  To subscribe, complete and submit the following:    

Infection Prevention Newsletter
Long Term Care Newsletter
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Newsletter Archives

Past editions of the newsletters are posted below: