CHSPAC Meeting Minutes, October 22, 2008

Comprehensive HIV Services Planning and Advisory Council
2 North Meridian Street, 6-C
Indianapolis, Indiana  46204
Telephone:  317-233-7744
Fax:  317-233-7663
CHSPAC Meeting Minutes
Wednesday, 22 October 2008 12:30p.m. – 3:30p.m.


  • Katie Bennett
  • Tammy Dutkowski
  • Kelli Fuller
  • Alisha Hooks
  • Brenda Kreiger
  • Tammy Morris
  • Noelle Redmond
  • Kelly Thompson
  • Teresa White
  • Malinda Boehler
  • Joseph Ferguson
  • Tony Gillespie
  • Kellie Kaneshiro
  • Randy Lewis
  • Yvette Paniagua
  • George “Bud” Shipley
  • Mike Wallace
  • Kris Wise
  • Portia Duff
  • Brian Fisher
  • April Grudi
  • Amy Kay
  • Dipuo Gloria Manamela
  • Gina Pope-King
  • Fred SteinkeNathan West


  • Erma Aker
  • Tracy Huck
  • Katie Lesko
  • Jamie Crabb
  • Mike Hughes
  • Dale Richmond
  • Julie Foltz
  • Brad Lawson
  • Linda Santoro


  • Jodi Grieb  


  • Sara Bradley
  • Shawn Carney
  • Lisa Lloyd

Meeting began at 12:35 p.m.  The mission statement was read by Brian Fisher and quorum was established.


August minutes were approved with changes.  Kelli Fuller was in attendance at the August CHSPAC meeting.

ISDH Division Report

  • We have no guidance from HRSA yet.
  • Shawn attended the “National Associations of State Comprehensive Health Insurance Plans” Conference in Savannah, GA., October 14 – 17, 2008.
  • We have been working on the HIV/AIDS Bureau’s quality management and Group 1 has been completed; regular Case Quality Management is still pending.
  • We have a 1345 cap with 30 + still waiting.
  • We submitted the first official report to F.S.S.A.
  • Care Coordination lost funding, approximately $50,000 cut.

Old Business

Comprehensive Plan

  • Brian asked that we do not have the Planning Committee meetings coincide the same time as CAB meetings because CAB members would like to attend the Planning Committee meetings.  Shawn agreed.  Shawn did a presentation of the highlighted changes in the Comp Plan.
  • Shawn stated that we try to follow HRSA’s Comp Plan structure but have combined the Statewide Coordinated Statement of Need as well.

Committee Reports (September and October)


  • Tammy Dutkowski reported that the Evaluation Committee has decided to conduct focus groups in order to complete the 2009 Needs Assessment process.
  • Lisa and Neal are working together in creating training manual utilizing the Bowen Report for interns from various Universities & Colleges around the state in order to conduct focus groups.  Also, Noelle mentioned that Walgreens may have funding to assist interns with travel expenses.


  • Shawn mentioned that the Planning Committee report was contained in the preceding Comp Plan discussion.

New Business

  • Proxies – Proxies were established as follows:  Teresa White was the proxy for:  Julie Foltz, Jamie Crabb, Erma Aker, Dale Richmond and Tracy Huck. 
  • Nominations for Chair and Vice Chair – 2009 Nominations were made for Chair and Vice Chair for CHSPAC.
  1. Fred nominated Gloria Manamela for Chair and Kellie Kaneshiro for Vice Chair, Gloria declined and Kellie has some reservations.
  2. Brian nominated Tony Gillespie for Chair and Joseph for Vice Chair, both declined.
  3. Teresa nominated Bud Shipley for Chair; Bud has reservations but is willing to accept the nomination.
  4. Teresa was nominated for chair and declined.
  5. There were no further nominations.  Malinda took on the task of e-mailing to the full council asking for any other nominations.  She also requested that Lisa send her the CHSPAC membership distribution list.
  • CHSPAC New Membership – We have 12 new members: Kris Wise, April Grudi, Gina Pope-King, Kristen Arnold, Carol Young, Alisha Hooks, Tabitha Sprigler, Stephanie Simmons, Linda Vest, Brian Amador, Brian Revalee, and Amy Kay.  Some terms begin immediately; others begin in January.  Current members of CHSPAC were asked to sign and date renewal cards for 2009.
  • Orientation for New Members – All new members will receive a welcome packet from Lisa.  Tony mentioned a retreat or some type of orientation is much needed for CHSPAC.  Lisa hopes to have an orientation and retreat for all new members as well as existing CHSPAC members.  Tony suggested that possibly next year we have a full council orientation.  Lisa replied with we are looking to have a retreat in the first quarter of 2009.
  • Membership Matrix – Brian has concerns regarding the membership matrix.  ISDH has an agreement with CPG to have 2 seats on each board.  It was suggested that we add Membership Matrix to old business at December’s meeting.  Fred reminded us that 33% of the board needs to be consumers and is concerned that we will not be able to fill those slots.  At some point during the discussion, Fred abruptly announced his resignation and left the meeting.
  • CHSPAC Procedures Manual – Malinda mentioned that Executive Committee and CHSPAC meeting minutes from 2004 through 2008 reference the Procedure Committee’s work and that it appears that revisions were given to the Executive Committee for review and presentation to the full council, though it appears that the “ball was dropped” from there.  She also mentioned that the 2004 Procedures Manual referred to a term limit of three consecutive terms.
Mike Wallace mentioned, according to Roberts Rules, we need to rescind the original motion not to approve the guidance as written with a two (2) year term limit.  Amy Kay motioned that we suspend the current term limit rules and, in the next couple of months, the council should come to an agreement on term limits; Nathan West seconded the motion to suspend the discussion.  Brenda Kreiger motioned to reconsider not accepting the two (2) year term limits, and Randy Lewis seconded the motion.  Also, Amy Kay motioned that we approve the guidance with all the changes except for the term limits.  The council voted to accept the guidance with all the changes except for the term limits and to form an ad hoc committee formed to develop a proposal for term limits. The following council members volunteered to serve on the ad hoc committee:  Malinda Boehler, Brian Fisher, Alisha Hooks, Amy Kay, Tony Gillespie, Kellie Kaneshiro, Portia Duff, Kelly Thompson, Teresa White, Dipuo Manamela, Noelle Redman, Tammy Morris, and Brenda Kreiger. 

Committee Work Sessions (planning for next year)

The Planning Committee has guidelines in place for the upcoming year.

Public Comments/Announcements

  • Tri-State Alliance will be having their 5th annual “Art for Life” auction November 21, 2008.

Meeting adjourned at 3:05 p.m.