CHSPAC Meeting Minutes, June 18, 2008

Comprehensive HIV Services Planning and Advisory Council
2 North Meridian Street, 6-C
Indianapolis, Indiana  46204
Telephone:  317-233-7744
Fax:  317-233-7663
CHSPAC Meeting Minutes
Wednesday, 18 June 2008 12:30p.m. – 3:30p.m.


  • Erma Aker Malinda Boehler
  • Brian Fisher
  • Tracy Huck
  • Bill Leisman
  • Kem Moore
  • Linda Santoro
  • Nathan West
  • Tom Beatty
  • Jamie Crabb
  • Julie Foltz
  • Kellie Kaneshiro
  • Lenox Madubansi
  • Tammy Morris
  • Jack Steele
  • Teresa White Katie Bennett
  • Portia Duff
  • Tony Gillespie
  • Brenda Kreiger
  • Dipuo Gloria Manamela
  • Dale Richmond
  • Fred Steinke


  • Alan Amberg
  • Marie Hoadley
  • Brad Plunkett
  • Tammy Dutkowski
  • Mike Hughes
  • Kelli Fuller
  • Yvette Paniagua


  • Bill Barringer
  • Alisha Hooks
  • Kelly Thompson
  • April Grudi
  • Amy Jointer Anna Hail
  • Lynette Lewis


  • Sara Bradley
  • Shawn Carney
  • Meredith Upchurch
  • Jerry Burkman
  • Darin Foltz
  • Lisa Lloyd
  • Neal Carnes
  • Satin Hill

Meeting began at 12:30 p.m.  The mission statement was read by Brian Fisher and quorum was established.


April 2008 minutes were approved as written.

Old Business

  • Finalization of CHSPAC Procedures Manual – We had a little feed back and as of today there will be no more changes excepted for the manual.
  • On Attendance, every member of the board needs to attend the entire meeting in order to be counted as present.
  • All resignations need to be in a formal letter.
  • The guidance will be provided for the full council at the August CHSPAC meeting.
  • Finalization of Membership Matrix – All members of the board have updated their contact information at the April meeting and The Matrix has been updated.

New Business

  • Committee Reorganization Proposal – It was presented that the standing committees be condensed from six (6) committees to two (2) and the Executive Committee.
  • Those two (2) standing committees will be Planning and Evaluation.
  • Discussed having a chair and co-chair for the standing committees.
  • Fred is arguing for the Membership Committee remain a standing committee and not go into the hands of the Advisory Board Liaison.
  • If the Membership Committee is turned into an ADHOC, It is written in the Comp Plan that the Advisory Board Liaison can call a conference call whenever needed.
  • We are not presently seeing a lot of recruitment happening, there needs to be some recruitment from the community.
  • The two (2) standing committees will have larger goals.
  • Kristi volunteered to help Lisa with recruitment of new members.
  • Malinda stated that maybe the co-chair could be responsible for recruitment.
  • Shawn also suggested that the Executive Committee could also help with the recruitment of new members.
  • Tony suggested that if we are going to agree to the changes then the board will need to know what is happening.
  • Julie made the motion that the board accept the changes as written.  The council voted with Brian and Malinda abstaining from the vote. 
  • It was proposed that we need to either send it back to the Planning Committee or we need to pass or defeat.  Malinda motioned that we accept with amendments, Julie seconded and the motion was passed.
  • Comprehensive Plan-HRSA Guidelines - The SCSN is due in January and the Comprehensive Plan is due in February.  We need to incorporate the SCSN and the Comprehensive Plan into one (1) document.  We have a good rough draft ready and Shawn will have draft ready when he meets with HRSA.

Division Update

  • Satin Hill is our new Enrollment Specialist for the Medical Services Program.
  • The Division is with their budget for the fiscal year.
  • Meredith Upchurch is the new Care Coordination Assistant.

Advocacy Presentation – Tony Gillespie

  • Tony introduced Charlie Hiltunen III from The Third House Advocacy Group. LLC. Mr. Hiltunen has been active in government affairs since 1983. He has represented clients on issues such as health care, insurance, telecommunications, business, and international affairs.  Mr. Hitunen stated that it is a myth that you can not lobby for non for profit.
  • During the question and answer portion of the presentation, the issue of CHSPAC and CAB members not being able to talk to legislatures was raised and Mr. Hiltunen clarified that consumer and service provider driven networks such as CHSPAC and CAB were the most effective entities to educate legislators on issues that affect the communities/districts that legislators represent.

Committee Reports


  • Kellie Kaneshiro will be vice-chair of the committee.
  • Possibly Tammy Dutkowski being the chair. Members of the committee will conduct an informal election, electing Tammy as chair.  Lisa will provide technical assistance in accomplishing this task. 
  • Goals were stated and committee will meet concerning delegation of responsibilities in obtaining the goals.


  • We have currently only received revisions from Region 12.
  • Each region will be sending any revisions to Lisa.

Public Comments/Announcements

  • Julie announced that there is a Care Coordinator Position open at the Center for Mental Health in Elwood.

Meeting adjourned at 3:25 p.m.