Living a Healthy Life

"Living a Healthy Life" is a community-based education course based on self-efficacy theory from the University of Stanford. Program participants will feel empowered to take charge of their health and lead more productive and satisfying lives.  Individuals who complete the program are encouraged to teach future workshops as Lay Leaders. The target audience is older adults (60+) or caregivers of those with a chronic disease. 

"Living a Healthy Life" Incorporates the Following:

  • Cognitive symptom management
  • Effective communication with family, friends, and health professionals
  • Regular physical activity for physical and emotional health
  • Future planning skills
  • Maintaining a healthy weight and meal planning
  • Sleep and medication management

Read "Walter's Story" - After suffering a stroke at age 57, Walter participated in the "Living a Healthy Life" program. The program helped him realize that "Life is worth living ..." 


Locations throughout Indiana

"Living a Healthy Life" is being implemented throughout the State. To find a class in your area please call your local Area Agency on Aging (below), your local Minority Health Coalition (below), or the University of Indianapolis Center for Aging and Community at 317.791.5930.

Additional Information

Information for Master Trainers and Lay Leaders