Updated ISDH Pandemic Influenza Plan Now Available

Indiana Epidemiology Newsletter
October 2007

The ISDH Pandemic Influenza Planning Committee has revised and updated the first edition of the ISDH Pandemic Influenza Plan that was published in August 2005. The Plan was reorganized and expanded to reflect topics included in the federal HHS Plan (http://www.pandemicflu.gov/)  published in November 2005. More information on vaccines and antiviral medication, infection control, laboratory testing, clinical guidelines, ethical considerations, and guidance on submitting influenza specimens for laboratory testing has been included.

The purpose of the ISDH Plan is to provide an overview of the many medical and public health issues related to an influenza pandemic. The Plan can be accessed through the ISDH Web site: http://www.in.gov/isdh/files/PandemicInfluenzaPlan.pdf . Other information about pandemic influenza is also available at http://www.fluinfo.in.gov/.