Cemetery History: The first resident of the Home to be placed in the cemetery wasFrederick D. Lee, June 24, 1896. The firstwoman buried in the cemetery was Margaret J. Moody, November25, 1896. John Whitehead enlisted in 1862 at Lafayette, Indiana in the Company #15th Calvary. He came to the Home from Tippecanoe County March 3, 1896. He died Feb. 15, 1899 and was buried at the base of the flagpole. Services were conducted by the Grand Army of the Republic. Mr. Whitehead bequeathed the cost of obtaining and erecting a cannon for the cemetery flag pole. The cannon was bronze cast in Spain in 1796 and used in a fort in Santiago, Cuba. It was seized by our troops in 1898 and taken to the New York Arsenal. From there it was obtained by the Home and used as the base for the flag pole, at the request of John Whitehead. It was dedicated in July, 1990. Placement in the cemetery remains limited to residents of the Home and their spouses/widows. 


Researching Ancestors: Verification of your ancestors placement and location in the cemetery can e obtained by contacting the Social Services Dept. at 765-497-8541 or by email at jneal@ivh.in.gov Once placement has been verified, more infomratin regarding the ancestor may be available through the State Archives. Such inquiries should be dierected to 317-591-5222.


A Kiosk is needed for weekend and evening visitors to be able to obtain information about the location of their relatives in the cemetery. Funds for the project are being collected through solicitation of private and group donations. For information on how to contribute, visit the Be a Donor section or call 765-497-8512.