Supporting Organizations

Supporting Organizations

Patriotic and other organizations have played a major role in the history and welfare of the Home.

Shortly after the close of the Civil War, the Union veterans of that war organized the Grand Army of the Republic (G.A.R.), and for nearly sixty years, the G.A.R. was a moving factor in institutional affairs. The Women's Relief Corps, an auxiliary to the G.A.R., has always played a prominent role in the happiness of the Home's children.

The American Legion - one of the great veteran groups of all time - was organized in Paris, France, at the close of World War I. Immediately they took up the torch for the thinning of the G.A.R., and ever since, their dynamic energy is manifested month after month at the Indiana Soldiers' & Sailors' Children's Home.

The American Legion along with The American Legion Auxiliary, The Sons of the American Legion, and the 40 et 8 - are part and parcel of the Home's activities.

These organizations, later strengthened in membership due to World War II, the Korean War, and the Vietnam War, are loved and honored by all the children at the Home because of their wonderful sponsorship.

V.F.W. Posts from around the state also participate in the activities of the Home with their time and financial support.

Our Alumni Association, comprised of hundreds of former students, plays a most active role toward the welfare of our present boys and girls. Realizing the foundations and training for a successful future were instilled while students, the alumni are most interested in meeting, counseling, and entertaining their younger "brothers and sisters." To renew old acquaintances and make new ones, they relive the memories of their childhood at an annual Homecoming weekend, which is looked forward to with great enthusiasm by the many ex-students.