Sanitary Dumping Stations

Standards for Construction

All recreational vehicle campgrounds, which do not possess sewer risers at each campsite, must provide a sanitary dumping station for the safe and efficient disposal of wastes from the holding tanks of recreational vehicles.

The sanitary dumping station must have the following features:

  1. A sloped concrete apron with a drain at least 4 inches in diameter at the low point near the center of the pad.
  2. A tight-fitting drain cover (to prevent the escape of odors) equipped with a foot operated attachment or similar device, to open the drain cover without directly contacting waste material.
  3. An approved water outlet or hydrant adjacent to the dumping station for flushing down the drain pad after use.
  4. An approved atmospheric vacuum breaker attached to the water outlet to prevent possible back-siphonage into the water supply system. The vacuum breaker must be installed downstream from the shutoff valve and at the highest point.
  5. An adequate length of flexible hose for flushing the concrete apron and drain. A means must be provided to retract the hose when not in use so it does not contact the concrete pad or rest on the ground surface.
  6. The sanitary dumping station must be located at least 100 feet from any water supply well. The dumping station and associated water outlet must be at least 50 feet from and campsite or potable water outlet. If possible, locate the dumping station at a pull over near the campground exit for ease of access and disposal without blocking traffic.
  7. A sign must be posted at the sanitary dumping station stating that the adjacent water outlet is "UNSAFE FOR DRINKING"
  8. Water at the dumping station drain must discharge to an approved wastewater disposal system

Plans must be submitted to the Indiana State Department of Health for review and approval prior to the construction. Prior approval ensures that the sanitary dumping station meets construction requirements and is properly located. Questions regarding sanitary dumping stations may be directed to the following:

Indiana State Department of Health
Environmental Public Health Division
100 North Senate Avenue, N855
Indianapolis, IN 46204
(317) 233-1325 (ISDH Main Switchboard)

Program Manager
Michael Mettler
(317) 233-7183
(317) 233-7173 [Administrative Assistant]
(317) 233-7047 [Fax]


Diagrams of Sanitary Dumping Stations

Click here for diagrams of a sanitary dumping station in PDF