410 IAC 7-21 Preface

The Indiana State Department of Health is authorized by law to safeguard public health and ensure that food provided to consumers is safe, unadulterated, honestly and accurately represented, and in compliance with the state laws and regulations. This rule will establish minimum sanitary standards for the operation of wholesale food establishments which include manufacturers, processors, repackagers, and distributors of food, excluding meat and poultry processors regulated under IC 15-2.1-24; dairy processors regulated under IC 15-2.1-22, IC 15-2.1-23, and 345 IAC 8; and shell egg plants regulated under 370 IAC 1-10-1 and IC 16-42-11.

It is a shared responsibility of the food industry and the government to ensure that food provided to the consumer is safe and does not become a vehicle in a disease outbreak or in the transmission of communicable disease. This shared responsibility extends to ensuring that consumer expectations are met and that food is unadulterated, prepared in a clean environment, and honestly presented.

Accordingly, the provisions of the rule provide a system of prevention and overlapping safeguards designed to minimize foodborne illness, such as ensuring employee health, industry manager knowledge, safe food, nontoxic and easily cleanable equipment, and acceptable levels of sanitation on food establishment premises.

The rule addresses controls for processing foods, temperature requirements, importance of handwashing, and sources of environmental contamination. Emphasis is placed on producing safe, unadulterated food during processing, storage, and transportation.

Appendices A and B are examples of the forms used during an inspection and can serve as a guide for self-inspection.