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Title 410 IAC 7-21

Wholesale Food Establishment
Sanitation Requirements

Effective April 26, 2002

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Personnel Health
    Section 35  -  Personnel Health
    Section 36  -  Personnel Hygienic Practices
    Section 37  -  Personnel Training

Physical Facilities and Groups
    Section 38

Sanitary Operations and General Maintenance
    Section 39

Toxic and Poisonous Substances and Pest Control
    Section 40

Plumbing and Sewage Systems
    Section 41

Sanitary Facilities and Controls
    Section 42

Equipment and Utilities
    Section 43

Raw Materials Production and Process Control
    Section 44

Manufacturing Operations
    Section 45

Reduced Oxygen Packaging
    Section 46

Acidified Foods
    Section 47

Warehousing and Distribution
    Section 48

Accurate Representation of Packaged Food,
Honest Presentation; Food Labels

    Section 49

Public Health Protection; Access; Reporting
Imminent Health Hazards

    Section 50

Registration of a Wholesale Food Establishment
    Section 51

Incorporation by Reference
    Section 52