2000 Indiana Report of Infectious Diseases


Cases = 0

In 2000, Indiana had no reported cases of polio. The last Indiana case of vaccine-associated paralytic poliomyelitis (VAPP) occurred in 1998. One other Indiana case (1991) was verified during the 1990s. Transmission of wild polio virus ceased in the U.S. in 1979. Since then, only vaccine-associated cases or imported cases have occurred in the U.S. and Indiana. From 1980-1999, 144 cases of VAPP and 8 imported cases occurred in the U.S. Switching to a sequential injected polio vaccine (IPV)-oral polio vaccine (OPV) schedule in 1997 and an all IPV schedule in 2000 seems to have had the intended effect of reducing the incidence of VAPP in the U.S.