Sickle Cell Information

ISDH Prophylactic Penicillin Program

According to the treatment guidelines set by the National Institutes of Health, children born with sickle cell disease should receive prophylactic penicillin beginning no later than 2 months of age. The purpose of the ISDH Prophylactic Penicillin Program is to ensure that all children with sickle cell disease under the age of 5 have access to prophylactic penicillin, despite their families’ financial or insurance coverage status.

If you are the health care provider of a child with sickle cell disease in the state of Indiana, you can order prophylactic penicillin by downloading and completing the order form below. If you have any problems downloading the form, please contact Lisa Mani at  Click here to download the ISDH Prophylactic Penicillin Program order form.

Resources for Families

Click here for more information on sickle cell disease, including a list of resources for families.

  • To view the ISDH Sickle Cell Program's brochure for individuals with sickle cell disease, please click here (en español).
  • To view the ISDH Sickle Cell Program's brochure for individuals with sickle cell trait, please click here (en español).

Click here for a list of resources for families of children with newborn screening conditions.

For current contact information for Indiana's sickle cell services providers, please click here.

Resources for Healthcare Professionals