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Refusal of Newborn Screening

Indiana's newborn screening law states that the only legal reason parents/legal guardians can refuse newborn screening is if they object based on their religious beliefs and if the objection is documented in writing.

If your facility uses its own form for refusal of newborn screening (instead of the state Religious Waiver form), the form should clearly state that parents/legal guardians are refusing newborn screening (including heelstick, hearing screening, and/or pulse oximetry screening) based on their religious beliefs.  ISDH will no longer accept generic "refusal of newborn care" forms as documentation of religious refusal of newborn screening.

Birthing facilities can download a copy of the current state Religious Waiver form from the ISDH Newborn Screening Professionals' website at http://www.in.gov/isdh/20381.htm.