Greencastle Community School Corporation


Good Practice Model

Greencastle Community School Corporation

Successful model:
Superintendent Dr. Robert Green
Greencastle Community School Corporation
Health Educator Ann Weatherford, RN

General Information:
Ann is the Health Educator at the Greencastle community School Corporation. She has been working with the Coordinated School Health Program. In her role, she addresses childhood obesity, but focuses on overall wellness, healthy eating, and physical activity habits. Last year, she measured 1,594 students or 92% of the corporation’s students. She then calculated their BMI’s and percentiles. In the lower grade levels, Ann measured them through their PE and health classes. For a class size of 20-25 students, it took her about 30 minutes depending on if the younger students had difficultly removing shoes and putting shoes back on. For high school students, English classes were required, so she set up a private area in a hallway for measurements. In the high school, she was able to do a grade level a day. In the district, about a dozen parents refused measurement and 5 students personally refused.

Good Tips

  1. Measure students in a central place.
  2. Use a digital scale.
  3. PE teachers or health teachers were helpful in allowing measurements of students during class.
  4. Look at other required classes if students in the high school are not in gym class or health education classes.
  5. Prearrange all measurements with teachers.
  6. Notify the students that the information should be private. Some students would share their information with others.
  7. Be sensitive for height measurement as well as weight measurement. Traffic control is key. Some boys before their growth spurts are sensitive about their height.

Interviewed and reported by Joanna Cornwell, the Governor’s Fellow, October 19, 2005