Jackson Township Elementary


Good Practice Model

Jackson Township Elementary

Successful model:
Superintendent: Mr. William Schad
Principle: Jeff Fritz
Approximate School Size: 400
School: Jackson Township Elementary
Name: Lynn Stoelting
E-mail: stoeltil@clay.k-12.in.us

General Information
Lyn incorporates the height and weight measurements into their fitness program that incorporates several screenings. She measures the students in gym class and builds the measurements into a rotation. Each child goes into the health office to be measured. Last year she measured grades 1, 3 and 5 totaling 180 children. It took her one day and approximately 15 minutes for each class. She did not use a volunteer.

Good Practice Tips

  1. Have one child go into the room to be measured at a time.
  2. Do screenings in gym class.
  3. Use a digital scale where only the screener can see the weight measurement. The digital scale can be purchased through the School Nurse Supply Catalog. It cost $169. It is easy to carry, goes up to 400 pounds, and uses a battery or AC adapter.
  4. Have your spreadsheet completed and saved on the computer so you can easily enter the data. Have IT person download student name and student test number before you start measuring.
  5. Have student names in alphabetical order on the spreadsheet.
  6. Have students rotate in alphabetical order.
  7. Use laptop and enter data as you measure students.