Fact Sheet


Height and Weight
Data Collection

A collaborative effort between Indiana Schools,
the Indiana State Department of Health,
and the Indiana Department of Education

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Height and Weight Data Collection Guidelines

The intent of collecting and analyzing this data is to screen our children to determine the prevalence of overweight and obesity in Indiana children and the pattern of overweight over time. Data collected will be used to create policies and programs that promote healthier environments for our Indiana children. The height and weight data collected will not be used for diagnosing any individual student with a weight problem.

Required Tools

Rafter Square (provided)
Measuring Tape (provided)
Scale (balance beam scale preferred)

Measuring Height

  1. Have student to stand with back and feet against wall on a flat surface. The measuring tape should run down the center of student’s back.
  2. Have student remove shoes, hats, or any articles that will obstruct measurement.
  3. Weight should be evenly distributed, shoulders relaxed, legs straight, arms at side, and buttocks and shoulders should touch the wall.
  4. Have student look ahead and inhale deeply without allowing heels to rise off floor.
  5. Place rafter square against wall and lower it until the square firmly touches the crown of the student’s head.
  6. Hold square while student moves out from under square.
  7. At eye level, record the measurement at the lower edge of square and measuring tape. Record to the nearest .25 inch.

Measuring Weight

  1. Place scale on a solid level floor and be sure scale is balanced or calibrated at 0 lbs.
  2. Have student empty out all objects in pockets and remove any bulky clothing (no jackets).
  3. Have student stand with back against beam or readout with both feet centered on platform.
  4. Record weight to nearest 0.5 lb.
  5. Return scale to zero or clear display window.

Sample Record to Be Sent to Department of Education*:

Measurement Date Student Name Student Test Number Height Weight Comment
10 1 2005 Doe, Jane 123456398 4 8 . 2 5 in   6 1 . 5 lb  
10 1 2005 Indiana, Robert 234566353     .     in       .   lb A
10 1 2005 Wabash, Sage 345245256 6 0 . 5 0 in 1 1 0 . 0 lb  
A) Student absent C) Child refused R) Parent refused D) Student unable to stand without support due to disability P) Student pregnant O) Any other reason

Reports are to be submitted electronically to the IDOE by May 1, 2006.

* All data will be anonymous when sent to the Indiana State Department of Health.

Indiana State Department of Health
2 N Meridian St
Indianapolis, IN 46204
Email: Public Affairs