For Professionals

Instructions for Obtaining Newborn Screening (NBS) Results

Online access to newborn screening results for primary care providers is now available through the Indiana Newborn Screening Tracking & Education Program (INSTEP)!  For registration instructions, please send an e-mail to Alyssa K. Rex, EHDI Follow-Up Coordinator (

Other healthcare professionals who are not primary care providers can obtain NBS results by contacting the IU Newborn Screening Laboratory.  Send a fax on your office’s letterhead with the patient’s name, date of birth (DOB), patient’s mother’s name, and birthing facility to (317) 491 – 6679.  If you have any questions, please call (800) 245 – 9137.

Parents or other individuals requesting NBS results can contact the ISDH Genomics and Newborn Screening Program by calling (888) 815 – 0006.

Reminder - Children Discharged Home Without Receiving Valid Initial Newborn Screen



Whenever a child is discharged home from a birthing facility without receiving a valid initial heelstick or pulse oximetry newborn screen, designated staff at the birthing facility should call Christine Pokrajac, Newborn Screening Follow-up Coordinator, at (317) 233 - 7019 immediately                  Please note: 

  • A valid heelstick newborn screen is defined as a sample that was collected after the child was at least 48 hours old AND after he/she was on protein feed for at least 24 hours.  Both of these criteria must be met in order for the sample to be valid.
  • A valid pulse oximetry newborn screen is defined as a pulse oximetry test that was performed once the child was at least 24 hours old (for healthy-appearing infants who were born at or after 35 weeks gestation).

Facilities do not need to call the ISDH Newborn Screening Program if a child is discharged for transfer to another birthing facility and/or transfer to the NICU.

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