Indiana Strategic Plan


Indiana Strategic Plan for the Prevention of Childhood and Adolescent Overweight

Sharing the Responsibility: Shaping the Future of Indiana Children

The purpose of the state strategic plan is to provide shared vision and guidance of unified strategy to all communities so that we all will be working together toward the same direction to shape our children’s future.

A Completed Needs Assessment should be the basis for this strategic plan. We will use best practices from other states and federal guidance to start working on the draft. The Childhood Obesity Prevention Strategy can be used as an overall overweight and obesity prevention strategy regardless of age.

Our Vision:

 That all children and adolescents in the state of Indiana have healthy lifestyle behaviors and maintain a healthy weight

Our Mission:

 To reduce the burden of weight-related disease by decreasing the prevalence of obesity in children and adolescents either by prevention or intervention


Goal 1:

Increase awareness of overweight and obesity as a public health issue that impact the quality of life of Indiana children and adolescents and their families.

Goal 2:

Enable Indiana stakeholders including families, schools, businesses and communities to create opportunities allowing for choice in lifestyles that promote and maintain a healthy weight.

Goal 3:

Promote enabling policies and environmental changes that support healthful eating habits and physical activity.

Goal 4:

Monitor overweight and obesity rates, related behaviors and health conditions for fiscal planning, evaluation, and dissemination activities.

Goal 5:

Foster and encourage stakeholders’ participation in Indiana childhood and adolescent overweight and obesity strategies and initiatives.

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