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Possible Lead Hazards in the Home

  1. Chips and debris from exterior lead paint
  2. Fumes and ashes from burning painted wood or paper with colored ink
  3. Lead paint on walls, window sills and woodwork
  4. Unswept, unvacuumed and unmopped floors with lead dust and dirt
  5. Toys with lead paint
  6. Old furniture with lead paint
  7. Food or liquids stored in lead glazed pottery or lead crystal decanters
  8. Food contaminated by lead in soil or dust
  9. Lead from dust and plaster created by home renovation or deterioration of surfaces
  10. Soil in yards, playgrounds or gardens near lead painted buildings or busy streets
  11. Lead water pipes or lead soldered joints
  12. Exhaust fumes from cars, farm equipment or lawn mowers burning leaded gasoline


Indiana Childhood Lead Prevention Program