HIV Services Program


The HIV Services Program (HSP) provides eligible people living with HIV (PLWH) in Indiana access to antiretroviral medications and other important core medical and support services. HSP was expanded in 2018.  Traditionally designed to give an individual full access to comprehensive health insurance at no cost, the program now offers a range of services to PLWH enrolled by care coordination organizations across Indiana. 


HIV Services

Core Medical Services
AIDS Drug Assistance Program Treatments
Health Insurance Premium and Cost Sharing Assistance for Low-Income Individuals
Early Intervention Services
Medical Case Management
Medical Nutrition Therapy
Mental Health Services
Outpatient/Ambulatory Health Services
Substance Use Services (outpatient)



Support Services
Emergency Financial Assistance
Foodbank / Home-delivered Meals
Health Education / Risk Reduction
Medical Transportation
Non-medical Case Management
Outreach Services
Psychosocial Support
Substance Use Services (residential)

Each aspect of HSP below contains important information for HIV providers (subrecipients) funded through the Ryan White HIV/AIDS Program (RWHAP) Part B and for PLWH in Indiana.

Programmatic and Administrative

Information and attachments to keep your RWHAP Part B subrecipient program compliant, including service category definitions, service standards, policies and procedures and monitoring methods.


Information related to budgeting, invoicing, and other financial aspects of your RWHAP Part B subrecipient program.


Information and attachments related to RWHAP Part B data collection and analysis.

Quality Management

A repository of RWHAP Part B quality management resources, including quality improvement activities and information on stakeholder engagement.

Technical Assistance and Resources

Training materials and other resources, including archives of past RWHAP Part B training and technical assistance meeting materials and webinar events.

Health Insurance Assistance Plan (HIAP)

This program pays the premium, deductible, co-pay and co-insurance costs to eligible individuals routed through participating Indiana Qualified Health Plans.

AIDS Drug Assistance Plan (ADAP)

This program assists eligible individuals in obtaining limited FDA-approved therapeutic drugs if there is a waiting period before HIAP insurance coverage begins.

ADAP Formulary August 6, 2018

Early Intervention Plan (EIP)

This program covers the costs associated with medical services such as doctor visits, laboratory services, specified vaccinations, and influenza shots. EIP provides funding for health care services during a waiting period before HIAP insurance coverage begins..

EIP Formulary  July 9, 2018

Medicare Part D Assistance Plan (MDAP)

This program provides assistance toward the co-pay, co-insurance and deductible cost of a Medicare Part D prescription drug plan for qualifying individuals.

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For more information regarding HIV Medical Services, please call toll-free 866-588-4948 and select option #1.