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Indiana State Department of Health Immunization Program

The Indiana State Department of Health’s Immunization Division oversees or offers the Perinatal Hepatitis B Prevention Program. This program (PHBPP), is a resource for the surveillance and control of perinatal hepatitis B infection. The primary goal of the program is to prevent perinatal transmission of hepatitis B infection by identifying and providing case management to HBsAg-positive pregnant women to ensure initiation of post-exposure prophylaxis to their newborns.

According to the "Communicable Disease Reporting Rule for Physicians, Hospitals, and Laboratories, 410 Indiana Code 1-2.3, Sec. 47, made effective October 11, 2000, "all physicians and hospitals are to report Hepatitis, Viral, Type B, pregnant women (acute and chronic) or perinatally exposed infant immediately (when discovered at or close to time of birth)." These reports are to be made to the Local Health Department. The Local Health Department shares these reports with the Indiana State Department of Health who in turn refers the case to the Perinatal Hepatitis B Program. Laboratories are required to report positive hepatitis B surface antigen (HBsAg) findings.

The Perinatal Hepatitis B Program consists of 2 field investigators. Each Field Investigator is responsible for one half of the state. The Field investigators have the responsibility for; case management of all reported cases of infants perinatally exposed to hepatitis B virus (HBV), collaborating with all hospitals/birthing centers to ensure that policies and protocols are in place to provide Hepatitis B immune globulin (HBIG) when indicated, and Hepatitis B vaccine at birth; ensuring that all pregnant women are being tested for HBV, and collaboration with obstetrical care providers, pediatric immunization providers and the local health departments.

Download the Perinatal Hepatitis B Case Investigation Form (SF#52589). Contact Brenda Mason with questions or comments at 317-233-7106 or email