International Travel

International Travel

Preparing for international travel is more than getting shots and your passport. Destinations and related health issues, along with personal safety, vary widely and need to be considered on an individual basis.

The Indiana State Department of Health wants Hoosiers who travel to have a healthy and safe international experience. Your healthcare provider or an international travel center are the best resources for discussing international travel immunizations. They will either have access to your medical history or will ask appropriate medical history questions and will advise you on necessary immunizations for your travel destination.

When traveling overseas, the Indiana State Department of Health encourages seeking an international travel clinic specialist due to quicker availability of vaccines associated with international travel. Some vaccines such as Yellow Fever (required in some countries) can only be obtained by going to an international travel clinic. The Indiana State Department of Health also recognizes that many known and unknown risks from endemic diseases exist when traveling abroad. A travel clinic may be more aware of emerging diseases and current outbreaks in a given region. Therefore, seeking a specialist in the area of foreign travel is recommended.

Many authorities have recognized an additional new risk group known as VFRs (Visiting Friends and Relatives). This new risk group comprised 40% of international travelers in 2002 and have the potential to compromise themselves and their small children to diseases when returning to their country of origin. The Indiana State Department of Health recommends that foreign born hoosiers that are traveling abroad to visit friends and relatives to exercise greater caution due to inherent risks for small children and possible waned immunity (for adults) of certain diseases endemic to a given country.

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