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Planning a trip abroad?  There are so many things to do before you depart.  But while you’re planning your itinerary and booking your flight, don’t forget your medical needs.  Some destinations may pose certain health risks and require specific immunizations for visitors.  There are steps you should take before you leave that can help prevent illness, and allow you to enjoy your trip.

    Schedule an appointment with an International Travel Clinic in Indiana 4 to 6 weeks before your departure:

1. A health care provider at an International Travel Clinic will evaluate your health risks and make health care and immunization recommendations based on where you will be traveling, the time of year you will be traveling, your planned activities, and your medical history
2. In Indiana, the International Travel Clinics may provide quicker availability of those vaccines needed for international travel.  Some vaccines, such as yellow fever (required in some countries), can only be obtained by going to an International Travel Clinic.
3. Most International Travel Clinics operate by appointment, so be sure to schedule an appointment before your visit.  The following information may be necessary for your appointment:
-Your itinerary, including dates of travel, location of travel, and planned activities
-Your immunization record
-Information about your medical history, including any medications you currently take
-Any questions you my have regarding health concerns while traveling          


   Where can I find an International Travel Clinic in my area?

    Where can I find information about what shots I will need for my trip?

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