Indiana Agvocate

ISDA recently developed the Indiana Agvocate Program to help those interested in promoting agriculture to the general public more effectively discuss industry topics, break through industry jargon and learn how to tell their agriculture story using social media, presentations, events and more. Consumers and farmers have choices regarding how food is grown/produced. A goal is this program is to provide information regarding how to share this information without speaking negatively about others in agriculture who may not share those views.

Why it’s important to be an agvocate?

With less than two percent of Americans involved in agriculture, it is more important than ever for everyone—whether or not they are farming—to know how to be an effective spokesperson for the industry. With social media, everyone is a reporter and everything is on the record. This can be scary when people don’t know how to respond. The Indiana Agvocate Program will give participants the skills to feel confident speaking on a number of livestock-related topics with consumers on and off line.

Who can participate?

  • Crop and livestock farmers
  • People who grew up on farms/around agriculture, but who are not currently farming
  • Agriculture students
  • Anyone interested in promoting agriculture to the general public

What is the value to participants?

  • Improve communications skills
  • Enhance networking within the agriculture industry
  • Gain a better understanding of industry issues and the proper method for responding
  • Assistance in developing individual outreach plans