What are the specific goals?

The goals of the Indiana CREP are to:

Enroll 25,250 acres of eligible cropland and marginal pastureland, including frequently flooded lands, into CREP to establish buffer practices and

Protect at least 3,000 linear miles of watercourses by installing buffer practices;

Reduce by 8 percent the amount of sediment, nutrients and agricultural chemicals entering watercourses within the targeted watersheds;

Enroll 30 percent of farmed riparian acreage in the watersheds in accordance with statutory and regulatory rules;

Enroll 8 percent of eligible acres in voluntary ten-year contract extensions in the Tippecanoe watershed; and

Enroll 10 percent of eligible acres in voluntary state permanent easements in the Tippecanoe and Upper White River watersheds.

Increase the acres of wetlands in the watersheds for erosion control, sediment reduction, storm water retention and nutrient up-take.

Enroll 15 percent of the eligible watershed's cropland subject to normal CRP acreage limits by county.