How to Enroll in CREP

To enroll in the CREP program contact your local Soil and Water Conservation District. CREP has a continuous enrollment process.

Requirements for Enrolling

Landowners may enroll any amount of eligible cropland in the federal program and voluntary state 14-15 year contract extensions. State permanent easements allow producers to offer non-cropped acreage when they enroll cropland.

Installation of conservation practices must be completed within 12 months of the federal CREP contract effective date.

Once enrolled in the CREP program the land cannot be developed (ie. no permanent structures or roads may be built). Existing abandoned structures and roads may remain if approved by DNR.

Landowners must follow the Conservation Plan of Operation and land cannot go back into row crops or agricultural uses. The landowners retain the right to recreational use of their property providing it does not negatively impact the practices or cover established.

The state CREP contract is attached to the land deed; thus, a producer who purchases land enrolled in an active state CREP contract is required to participate in the program or refund state money paid to date and incur other penalties.

Steps for a Federal Contract

  • Contact your local USDA Service Center.
  • A site visit of the land you want to enroll in the program will be scheduled.
  • An implementation plan will be drafted by technical staff.
  • Landowner will be provided an analysis of rental payment, cost share and incentive payments.
  • A formal contract will be drawn and signed.
  • Contract has to be approved by County Committee.

Steps for a State Contract

  • Contact your local Soil and Water Conservation District. Land will be verified for eligibility and eligibility of conservation practices will be determined.
  • Sign a completed state enrollment form.
  • Enrollment will be sent to ISDA for approval
  • A title search (permanent easement) or Judgment and Lien Search and Easement Search (15-25 year contract extension) will be obtained.
  • On permanent easements, a survey may be required.
  • Sign completed easement document.
  • Easement or contract extension will be recorded at the County Courthouse.
  • Title insurance will be obtained by the Soil and Water Conservation District.