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Troubleshooting Equipment

Please click to expand each item for instructions. Please send in for repair if these solutions do not resolve the issue.

  • MATT Connect

    Issue: Prodigy Software missing


    Go to the Humanware website and download Tablet Reset and Installation Procedure

    Issue: APH Apps missing


    Go to the Humanware website and download Install Apps for APH
  • Orion TI-30XS MultiView™ Talking Scientific Calculator

    Issue: Calculator will not turn on after charging with the correct charger. It makes a noise when ON is pressed, however not when any of the keys are pressed.

    Solution 1: 
    Memory Clear/Reset
    Turn off calculator (press 2ND key then ON)
    Press and hold the A key
    Reset the device using the CLEAR and ON keys
    Release the A key

    Put into Classic mode. Select the MODE key, then scrolling down Classic, press Enter to confirm.

    Solution 2: Remove the battery for 10 minutes

    Solution 3: Reinstall the software at Follow the directions for reinstalling.

    Complete User's Guide

  • Orion TI-84 Plus Talking Graphing Calculator

    Verify that the calculator is the current version.
    Press 2ND then MEMORY 1, and select #1 About Press ENTER.
    Check that the version is 2.55 Orbit Research. If it says 2.22 TX Instruments, or 2.55 TX Instruments, with no mention of Orbit; an upgrade of the firmware is required.

    Issue: No audio (calculator with display works)

    Solution 1: Press the VOLUME UP (above display left 6 keys, it is the right middle key). Check it with headphones to see if it works that way. If it does, then the speaker isn’t working.

    Solution 2: Audio component reset:
    Press CTRL and SHIFT simultaneously (keys above display)
    Turn unit Off  (2ND key then ON)
    Press ON key
    *If the rechargeable battery that controls speech drops below 10% the unit will not speak.

    Solution 3: Check batteries
    With the unit plugged in, press PREF (above display) then down arrow to Battery Status. Check to see the  percentage or Battery Not Connected.

    Remove AAA batteries
    Press ON to clear unit
    Reinstall same batteries after 5 minutes. If there is still no audio replace the AAA batteries.
    It may be necessary to repeat Solutions 1 and 2.

    Issue: Calculator and display are not working.

    Solution 1: Reset the calculator.

    Press 2nd
    Press MEMORY 1 (above Enter).
    Press the DOWN ARROW to #7 Reset...
    Press ENTER
    ARROW DOWN to #2 Defaults
    Press ENTER to confirm
    Press CLEAR

    Solution 2: Replace back-up battery
    Located above the 4 AAA batteries is a door that requires a screwdriver. Remove cover and replace the button battery.

    Complete User's  Guide

  • Perkins SMART Brailler

    Issue: Upgrade needed

    Solution: Go to:

    Fill in fields as followed:
    First Name: Leslie
    Last name: Durst
    SMART Brailler Serial Number: located on barcode sticker starting with SB (followed by 6 numbers)
    CHECK "I have read and agree to the Terms and Conditions"
    Press DOWNLOAD
    Download both SMART Brailler Software Updates and Installation Instructions
    Follow the Installation Instructions
  • Power Select

    Issue: Reset nonfunctional GFI (Ground Fault circuit Interrupter) outlets


    1. Plug the 120-volt AC power cord from the unit into a working wall plug outlet (the blue LED lamp that is on the top of the unit should be ON).
    2. Plug a switch into the 3.5 mm phono jack located on the front side of the unit that is aligned with the outlet that does not function.
    3. Rotate the Lower Rotary switch on the Power Select to the “Latched” Position.
    4. Plug a 120-volt AC device into the non-working GFI outlet. Make sure that the AC device is in the “ON” position so as to be noticed when power is switched on.
    5. Press on the switch to activate the internal circuits that control the GFI-AC outlet of the power select. The user should hear the faint click of an internal relay.
    6. If the AC power is still not ON to the testing device, press the red RESET button on the GFI outlet. The AC device that is plugged into the GFI outlet should now be turned ON.
    7. If the other GFI outlet is not working, perform the same operation (steps 2-6) as before on that outlet.

    If no power is supplied to the AC device plugged into the GFI outlet on the Power Select after the preceding 7 steps are performed on either or both GFI outlets, then the Power Select unit will need to be sent in for repair.