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Reviewing the Status of Your Orders

Review Order Process

  1. Select: (whichever is applicable)
    • Approved Orders* (orders placed)
    • Books on Loan (all books currently checked out)
    • Student History (list orders by student)
    • Special Request History* (special request orders placed)
  2. Select: Date range or All
  3. Select: Review – for details

Under *Approved Orders you may see the following statuses: Cancelled, Shipped, Waiting to Ship, Pending DRM Approval, Pend Approval, and Approved IMC. Approval from the DRM of teacher placed orders is required prior to the Pend Approval from the IERC. The status of Approved IMC means we ordered a copy and are waiting for it to arrive to fill your order.

Approved Order image

Under *Special Request History you may find the following statuses: Processed, Pending DRM Approval, Not Processed, Waiting DRM Response and Inkprint Request. Again the DRM must approve any teacher placed orders prior to the IERC processing your orders. Inkprint requests will require 2 copies for production of Braille* or large print and are waiting for it to arrive to process your order.

Special Request image

Be sure to send a course syllabus to the IERC for braille orders that require original transcription. Please include the sequence in which the chapters will be taught by the classroom teacher and the dates they will be taught. This will assist the braille transcriber and the IERC staff to disseminate needed instructional content to the student on a timely basis.