Innovative CTE Curriculum Grants

The Innovative Career and Technical Education (CTE) Curriculum Grant program provided $4.3 million in funding to foster and scale the most innovative and effective CTE curriculum models in the state. The grant funds are a match to private investments (as authorized under IC 20-19-6-7). The Indiana Works Councils sought grant proposals that leverage evidence-based practices in the development of innovative CTE curriculum at the local level.  

The grant was dispersed across two separate grant cycles announced in July 2014 and February 2015. Visit the official Innovative CTE Curriculum Grant webpage for more information.


Area 30 Career Center

  • Grant funding: $82,505
  • Private match: $55,000
  • Sector(s): WIRED (Welding, Innovation, Robotics, engineering, and Design)
  • Partners: 5 high schools and Area 30 Career Center (grantee), Rose Hulman, VU, Ivy Tech, Heartland Automotive, Crown Equipment Corp. Nucor Steel, Tomlinson Mfg. Group, DEPCO, Liberty Industries Inc., JBH Technologies, Putnam County Community Foundation, Greencastle/Putnam County Economic Development Center

HIGHLIGHTS: The WIRED curriculum will specifically address the needs of the advanced manufacturing industry in the region by introducing students in the first year course to a wide spectrum of related skills including welding, industrial maintenance, programmable logic controllers (PLCs), design, computer numerical control (CNC) machines, robotics and more.  In the second year, students will focus on one specific career area to continue building their knowledge, skills and experience.   Business partners will provide internship opportunities.

Parke-Vermillion Education and Training Interlocal (PVETI)

  • Grant funding: $89,710
  • Private match: $62,600
  • Sector(s): Energy Production, Systems, and Delivery
  • Partners: 5 high schools, PVETI (grantee), Ivy Tech Ceres Solutions, Nucor Steel, Duke Energy, Vermillion Rise Mega Park

HIGHLIGHTS: Focus is on Energy sector and incorporates flipped-classroom instruction.  Incorporates workplace preparedness.  Standards and curriculum will be developed for an introductory course for energy, an Energy I and an Energy II course.  The curriculum development team will also work to create "pre-certifications" that indicate to employers that students have completed the initial steps and requirements to continue on to certification.



Vigo County School Corporation

  • Grant Funds Allocated: $303,125
  • Private Matching Funds: $243,253 
  • Sector: AML (NEAT pathways, robotics pathway)
  • Key Partners: Multiple schools, Ivy Tech, Yaskawa Motoman, Sony DADC, Duke Energy Foundation, Chamber Workforce Committee Terre Haute, WIB
  • Start Date: Fall 2015
  • Metrics: 
    • 148 students (98 secondary and 50 adult learners)
    • 85% earning a certification (DX100 - Levels 1, 2 & 3, NIMS)
    • 80% of students earning dual credits


  • Builds on the New and Emerging Automation Technology (NEAT) pathway recently approved by IDOE.
  • The industry partnership forged with Yaskawa Motoman North America will allow high school students to earn a DX100 certification with a cost of only $25 each, reduced from the standard price of $1,700 each.
  • Support hiring a secondary and a post-secondary Motoman Endorsed Robotics Instructor Training (MERIT) instructor, whom will become "MERIT Instructor Certified."
  • This curriculum addresses Industrial Robotics, but will also include standards for humanoid technology and drone robotics