Innovative CTE Curriculum Grants

The Innovative Career and Technical Education (CTE) Curriculum Grant program provided $4.3 million in funding to foster and scale the most innovative and effective CTE curriculum models in the state. The grant funds are a match to private investments (as authorized under IC 20-19-6-7). The Indiana Works Councils sought grant proposals that leverage evidence-based practices in the development of innovative CTE curriculum at the local level.

The grant was dispersed across two separate grant cycles announced in July 2014 and February 2015. Visit the official Innovative CTE Curriculum Grant webpage for more information.


CICP Foundation, Inc. (Conexus Indiana)

  • Grant funding: $289,050
  • Private match: $121,040
  • Sector(s): Advanced Manufacturing and Logistics (AML)
  • Partners: Chrysler, Cummins, Allison Transmission, Region 4 WIB, Conexus (grantee)

HIGHLIGHTS: Focuses on summer internships for students with major industries, including Cummins, Chrysler, and Allison Transmission.  Utilizes the infrastructure of HIRE Technology, A+ Partners, and Dream It Do It Indiana.  Includes the creation of a cohort program based on industry models, which may help create a sense of AML community among participants.  This concept is transferable to additional industry clusters.

Kokomo School Corporation

  • Grant funding: $75,338
  • Private match: $76,000
  • Sector(s): Entrepreneurship (CEO Program)
  • Partners: 10 school corporations, Kokomo Area Career Center (KACC), Ivy Tech Kokomo, IU Kokomo, PU Kokomo, Andymark, Delphi, Duke Energy, GM, Liberty Financial, St. Joseph Hospital, Merrell Bros., Coca-Cola Bottling, (and many others), Howard County Community Foundation, Greater Kokomo Economic Development Alliance (Inventrek)

HIGHLIGHTS: The CEO Program will enable students to become self-reliant, enterprising individuals that will become entrepreneurs or entrepreneurial thinkers while also contributing to the future economic development of the Greater Kokomo region. Participants will gain exposure to learning basic work skills as well as soft skills.  The program will be one year, four credit class at the Kokomo Area Career Center.  All classes occur on-site with regional businesses.  The location for instruction will change between business partners every nine weeks.  Guidance for the class is built around the National Entrepreneurship Standards.  Students will collaborate as a class to develop a business plan for a company and will work with a business leader mentor to develop their own individual business plan.  The class will count as an elective for all three of the Core 40 diplomas.

Tecumseh Area Partnership

  • Grant funding: $174,292
  • Private match: $87,680
  • Sector(s): Advanced Manufacturing
  • Partners: 7 School Corporations, West Central and Wildcat Creek Career and Technical Cooperatives, Ivy Tech, SIA, Caterpillar, Wabash National, Kirby Risk, Nucor Steel, Conexus, Frankfort/Clinton County Chamber of Commerce, WorkOne, Tecumseh Area Partnership (TAP)

HIGHLIGHTS: Incorporates the two year HIRE Technology Curriculum with an additional year for instruction in advanced manufacturing.  Includes opportunities for internships and the development of two business liaison positions.  Liaisons will work with schools and manufactures to establish working partnerships, secure a manufacturing Champion and A+ partner for each participating school, make students and parents aware of manufacturing career opportunities, work with school counselors to promote and enroll students in the manufacturing pathway, secure job shadowing opportunities for students, and develop beneficial work based learning (WBL) experience for students.