Innovative Work-and-Learn Grant

In July 2016, Innovative Work and Learn grants were awarded to 10 regions totaling nearly $400,000 to foster, support and scale effective work-and-learn models in Indiana through the Indiana Regional Works Councils. Best practices and resources developed include three regional work and learn asset white papers, one regional directory of work and learn programs, development of a youth employability skills curriculum, a regional internship toolkit, employer tours and new work and learn opportunities created through apprenticeships, internships and externships. Listed below are the resources developed statewide from the awarded grants.

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Work and Learn Resources Developed

Region # Document Title Document Summary/Uses Keywords
Region 1 Work-and-Learn Program This white paper provides a working definition of High Quality Work-and-Learn Programs, including insight on how to establish a Work-and-Learn Program as an educator or an employer. Internship, Employers, Facility Tours
Region 1 Northwest Indiana Work-and-Learn Asset Source This asset map lists the Secondary Education Assets, Secondary Schools information, CTE organizations, Post-Secondary Education Assets, Various Apprenticeship Programs, and Local Employment Assets. Asset Map, Work and Learn, Post-Secondary, Secondary, Education
Region 2 Industrial Manufacturing Technician Consortium of Elkhart County A diagram explaining the relationship between Adult Re-education, Incumbent Workers, High School Jr. Apprentice Programs, and Local/Tech High Schools. These relationships were illustrated to represent the network that feeds into Advanced Manufacturing Partnerships in Elkhart County. Advanced Manufacturing, Incumbent workers, HSE, Apprenticeships
Region 3 Region 3 Innovative Work and Learn Program Review This comprehensive review of the Work and Learn Programs in Region 3 organized the current programs available, summarized national models, and recommended an action plan to develop criteria. The review provided many resources for the development and improvement of Work and Learn Programs. Workshop, Employers, Evaluation, Quality Work and Learn Programs
Region 4 Region 4 Internship Toolkit This Toolkit serves as a guide to employers and industry partners to help them recruit, fund, and select internship candidates. When using at the Internship Toolkit, it is easy to notice the extensive detail that goes into procuring, selecting, hiring, and maintaining interns. In addition to acquiring potentials, this toolkit helps interested parties understand the means necessary to onboard, evaluate, and train interns. Internship, Marketing, Onboarding, Evaluation, Growth
Region 4 Workforce Network Pipeline This is an infographic used to explain the importance of each step along career awareness and interest talent pipeline. The infographic starts with awareness and ends with the transition to work for high school students or college students. Information, Awareness, Internships, Work Based Learning, Pathways, Connection
Region 5 Project Indy Flyer Flyer advertising Mayor Hogsett's Project Indy Program, this explains some macro level information about the program and its impact. Youth, Employment, Workforce, App, Mobile
Region 5 Report 1: A Review of Internship Programs in Marion County Strategos Group created a report to describe the internships and Work-based-Learning programs in the area. Providing data for schools, sample Work-based-Learning training plans, and sample employer training plans helped Employ Indy develop a strategy for creating more opportunities. Internship, Industry, partnerships, Heat Map
Region 8 Youth Employability Skill Map Region 8 provided a map illustrating the locations within Indiana that utilized the YES! program. These maps give a great overview of how influential the YES! curriculum is and how many students and teachers are impacted. Overall the initiative provides over 295 educators across K-12, Post-secondary, CTE, and Adult Ed. with the skills needed to be successful employees. Map, County, Employability Skills, Youth
Region 9 Work and Learn Region 9 Directory This is a program directory for all of CTE and Work and Learn programs in Region 9. This comprehensive directory is a culmination of contacts, locations, descriptions, requirements for admission, and credential opportunities. Regional Directory, Contacts, Industry, Secondary, Post-Secondary, Work based Learning
Region 9 Region 9 Works Council Work & Learn Survey Example Example survey that was utilized to collect and understand the regional work and learn opportunities. The form includes questions regarding program metrics, topics and focus. Survey, Industry, Program Structure, Data Collection and Metrics
Region 9 Region 9 Best Practice Model Identification - Process and Selection Outlines the process and characteristics of selection work and learn best practice models in Region 9. Regional Best Practices, Program Highlights, Survey

Eligible Applicants

Grant proposals were developed and approved by an Indiana Regional Works Council. After grant applications were approved at a regional level they were submitted to the DWD and analyzed by an internal review team.