Regional Workforce Tools & Data

Evaluation of Regional & Community Assets

In an effort to encourage additional community collaborations, the Indiana Works Councils have produced regional environmental scans which provide an overview of potential community partners in each of the state’s workforce regions. As the initial phase of an ongoing effort to provide technical assistance to Indiana's regional initiatives, the data within these reports have been compiled through on-the-ground fact finding, interviews, analyses of previous reports and feedback from multiple drafts. The information identified in the reports can be utilized in coalition building processes and serves to further regional endeavors in pathway and sector partnership development.

The following reports represent the existing organizations, initiatives, and investment assets that are fueling regional workforce and educational development within the Pre-K to Career continuum. Assessing all of the current educational and employment assets is the first step towards effectively leveraging resources in order to cultivate a stronger regional workforce. Notably, each regional evaluation takes an in-depth look at the following:

  1. Pre-K – 12 Assets
  2. Post-Secondary Education Assets
  3. Adult & Workforce Assets
  4. Business & Industry Assets
  5. Local & Regional Planning Assets

Environmental Scans & Asset Lists

Statewide Assets for Regional Coordination

The following assets form a statewide infrastructure that is available to support planning, implementation, and outreach with the various regions throughout Indiana. They provide regional points-of-contact that can connect to additional resources and/or partners for collaboration...view report.