As part of the Middle Class Tax Relief Act, FirstNet was allocated approximately $7.1 Billion in federal funding to initiate and build-out the project. The legislation requires that FirstNet eventually become self-sustaining. Public safety agencies have the option of deploying the service and must cover costs of devices and monthly subscription fees. FirstNet’s goal is to offer services at cost points which will attract the millions of public safety users, creating a self-sustaining model.

Below are highlights of FirstNet funding:

FirstNet Funding

  • Congressional Funding - $7.0B
  • NTIA SLIGP Grand Funding - $116M awarded to State & Territories
  • Spectrum Leases over 25Y system lifespan ($5.6B)
  • Payments from Vendor for Band 14 excess capacity
  • Payments from States with Opted-Out RANs
    • Beyond reasonable costs for deploying and maintaining

FY 2017 Budget

  • FirstNet 2017 Operations Budget: $85M
    • Network Operations
    • Public Safety Consultations
    • Corporate Services
  • "Day 1" Task Order Payment Ready for Vendor - $6.5B
  • Total FY2017 Budget: $6.585B

Source: The Middle Class Tax Relief and Job Creation Act of 2012 (P.L. 112-96) Finance-committee-briefing-fy2016-budget-.pdf FirstNet FY2017 Budget, FirstNet Board, Aug 26, 2016

FirstNet Grant Programs

The state, local and tribal organizations have also benefited from the establishment of grant programs, administered under NTIA. The State & Local Implementation Grant Program (SLIGP), provides guidance, objectives and funding to states and territories for support of FirstNet consultation, outreach & education and data gathering. Each state must contribute a 20% cash or in-kind match to receive the federal funds.