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Statewide CAD/RMS Project

The goal of the Indiana Multi-Agency/Multi Jurisdiction Data Interoperability System is to save money and save lives via a standards-based, shared data system accessible to all of Indiana's public safety agencies.

  • The state provides the “backbone” for Computer Aided Dispatch (CAD) and Mobile Data Device (MDD) systems, including implementation and maintenance.
  • Local agencies may purchase from a negotiated QPA, saving them significant dollars on software and hardware and long term software maintenance expenses related to building their own system.
  • The end result fosters cooperation, common architecture, and data interoperability.

Project Status & Highlights

  • Nearly two hundred (200) agencies including state, federal and local law enforcement, fire and EMS use the system.
  • In partnership with the Fusion Center, developed an interface to allow “Alerts” to be delivered to Mobile Data Device users. These alerts provide notice of possible involvement in gang related activities.
  • In partnership with the Judicial Technology and Automation Committee (JTAC), developed an interface to the Odyssey courts system. Mobile quires provide warrant alerts to officers at point of enforcement. The RMS warrants can be auto-populated from the Odyssey warrants system. An interface between the MDD client and eTicket has also been developed,  allowing the MDD system to auto populate citations.
  • In partnership with the Indiana State Police and ARIES an interface has been developed to allow the CAD/MDD client information to auto populate the eCrash reports.

Project Information & Newsletters

For more information about CAD, RMS, Mobile and Jail Tracker, visit the Caliber/Interact website: https://caliberpublicsafety.com/