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800 MHz Rebanding Update




The State is no longer accepting any further demands for compensation of costs arising out of rebanding the IPSC 800 MHz radio network.  All previously submitted requests will be processed.  This action is taken in compliance with the Federal Communications Commission’s Order within Docket WT 02-55, released January 16, 2015.


The State of Indiana (IPSC) has rebanded all of the conventional, 800 MHz mutual aid repeaters, commonly known as NPSPAC repeaters.  This retuning was the first step in the process of rebanding the State’s 800 MHz infrastructure statewide and denotes the operational move from the “old” NPSPAC channels to the “new” NPSPAC channels.  Click here for additional information about the schedule and for important information about how rebanding could impact your radio.

Currently, the state is in the process of rebanding the remaining 800 MHz Intele-Repeater sites. 

Click here for the schedule       Click here for a map

IMPORTANT:  Should you not be able to locate the “new” channels in your radio or suspect that your radio has not had the “first touch” performed, please contact Bob Black of EMR Consulting at 317-436-8878 or rblack@emrconsults.com.  Please be ready to provide the serial number of the radio, owner and contact information.  Bob will make arrangements to have the necessary programming completed.

Should you have questions regarding the information or procedures contained in this notification or to request assistance in communications planning for future responses, please contact Mike Watkins at 317-234-9685 or mwatkins@ipsc.in.gov.