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800 MHz Mutual Aid Channel Rebanding to Begin

On November 2, 2011, the State of Indiana (IPSC) will be begin the process of rebanding the 28 conventional, 800 MHz mutual aid repeaters, commonly known as NPSPAC repeaters, as part of the Sprint/Nextel rebanding project.  This retuning is the first step in the process of rebanding the State’s 800 MHz infrastructure statewide and denotes our operational move from the “old” NPSPAC channels to the “new” NPSPAC channels.

Click here for the schedule       Click here for a map

As 800 MHz users and first responders, it is imperative that you remain aware of the progress of this retuning project as it progresses across the State.  Knowing when the NPSPAC site closest to you is being retuned in order to know which NPSPAC channels to use is information essential to any local emergency response.  Responders must also be aware of the status of the other sites throughout the State in case requests for assistance come from other areas of the State.  This essential current rebanding status information will be posted on our website at www.in.gov/ipsc.

We anticipate this portion of the rebanding project to progress smoothly as long as users understand what is happening.  There is no need to panic!   Your radios should have already undergone a “first touch” retuning.  This “first touch” was recently completed by contracted vendors around the State.  Those vendors programmed the necessary “new” channels into your radio.  Once you find those “new” channels, your radio should perform normally.  Here is how to identify the appropriate channels aliases in your radio:

“OLD Channels” “NEW Channels” Description/Use
I-CALL 8CALL90 National Calling Channel
I-CALLD 8CALL90D National Calling Channel – Direct
I-TAC1 8TAC91 National Tactical Channel 1
I-TAC1D 8TAC91D National Tactical Channel 1 – Direct
I-TAC2 8TAC92 National Tactical Channel 2
I-TAC2D 8TAC92D National Tactical Channel 2 – Direct
I-TAC3 8TAC93 National Tactical Channel 3
I-TAC3D 8TAC93D National Tactical Channel 3 – Direct
I-TAC4 8TAC94 National Tactical Channel 4
I-TAC4D 8TAC94D National Tactical Channel 4 – Direct

Please look for the 8CALL and/or 8TAC channels in your radio.  These are the “new” NPSPAC channels.  They will probably be located in a separate zone (probably the last zone) in your radio.  When you find those channels, you are ready to go.  The 8CALL, 8TAC91, 8TAC92, 8TAC93 and 8TAC94 channels will activate the appropriate repeater as before.  The 8CALLD, 8TAC91D, 8TAC92D, 8TAC93D and 8TAC94D channels are direct, radio-to-radio channels and bypass the repeater.  These are the “new” conventional operational channels that we will be utilizing from now on as the sites are retuned statewide.
Should you not be able to locate the “new” channels in your radio or suspect that your radio has not had the “first touch” performed, please contact Bob Black of EMR Consulting at 317-436-8878 or rblack@emrconsults.com.  Please be ready to provide the serial number of the radio, owner and contact information.  Bob will make arrangements to have the necessary programming completed.

Should you have questions regarding the information or procedures contained in this notification or to request assistance in communications planning for future responses, please contact Steve Skinner at 317-233-8625 or sskinner@ipsc.in.gov.