Rebanding Forms

There are several forms you may need to complete during the 800MHz rebanding process.

Certification of Labor Rates - Each agency must sign this Nextel form to certify that the rates they are charging are correct.

Agency Contact Form - Fill out this online form to designate your agency contact person and also to indicate if you are planning to perform your inventory yourself or would like to have help. This form is set up as an online survey, so all you have to do is click "submit" once you complete the information.

If you would prefer to print, complete and mail the form, click here for a "hard copy" of the form.

Payee Setup Form - Sprint/Nextel requires this form in order to establish agencies as "vendors" to be paid for project expenses.

Incumbent Acknowledgement Form - Once your inventory is complete and you have determined your rebanding expenses, you must complete this form and submit it to Steve Skinner for signoff.

Questions? Email Steve Skinner or call him at 317.233.8625.