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IPDC Virtual Training

IPDC Virtual Training is now available!

To access on-demand video courses of select previous IPDC trainings, Click Here.  

Some courses are available for CLE credit for a small fee.  If you would like to receive CLE credit for the course, you must register and pay the required fee and enroll in the CLE course (linked below).  

If you need to take a course for Commission Certification and would like to take it on-demand online, please Click Here to access the list of courses approved for Commission Certification and access the courses on-demand.  

Course CLE Registration CLE Course Link
Appellate Nuts and Bolts Click Here Click Here
TPR/CHINS Click Here Click Here
Recovery While Incarcerated Click Here Click Here
Medical Records Click Here Click Here
Evidence and Ethics Click Here Click Here
Suppressing Juvenile Statements Click Here Click Here
Developing and Preserving the Delinquency Record for Appeal Click Here Click Here
IPDC Forensic: Eyewitness ID; False Confessions; and DNA Click Here Click Here
2019 IPDC Ethics Seminar Click Here Click Here
2020 Specialized Driving Privileges Seminar Click Here Click Here
Maintaining Client Relations during COVID-19 FREE Click Here
5 Things Lawyers Should Know to Make Computers Work FREE Click Here
Effects on the Discovery Process for a Child Complaining Witness FREE Click Here
How to Prepare for Oral Argumets FREE Click Here
Immigration Case Updates and Preserving the Record for PCR FREE Click Here
Suppression Advocacy & Caselaw Updates FREE Click Here
Penal Detention During COVID-19: Advocacy & Release Efforts FREE Click Here
OVWI: Effect of Alcohol on Body and SFSTs FREE Click Here
Challenges to the Improper Use of Identity Deception Charges FREE Click Here
Challenging Search Warrants FREE Click Here
Family Preservation Services FREE Click Here


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