IPDC Staff

Research Hotline   Request Form 317.232.5505
Amy Karozos Juvenile Grant - Project Director (Juvenile Defense Project Staff) akarozos@pdc.in.gov 317.232.0106
Bernice Corley Assistant Executive Director bcorley@pdc.in.gov 317.233.6149
Diane Black Training Director dblack@pdc.in.gov 317.232.3344
Don Murphy Director of Performance Improvement dsmurphy@pdc.in.gov 317.232.5515
Jack Kenney Director of Research & Publications jkenney@pdc.in.gov 317.232.5534
Kent Zepick Staff Attorney/Research Assistance kzepick@pdc.in.gov 317.232.5516
Kristin Casper Legislative Liaison/Public Information Officer kcasper@pdc.in.gov 317.232.5517
Kyal Bippen Administrative Support kbippen@pdc.in.gov 317.234.5265
Larry Landis Executive Director llandis@pdc.in.gov 317.232.2321
Liz Houdek Research Assistance ehoudek@pdc.in.gov 317.232.3459
Suzan Ristich Financial Manager sristich1@pdc.in.gov 317.233.1201
Toni Schaney Office Operations Manager tschaney@pdc.in.gov 317.233.4501


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